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Posted: October 19, 2020

Read & Record – Students should be reading and recording 6 nights per week. 

Study Spelling Words - It is important to practice sentences using proper capitalization and punctuation.  

Cursive writing 

Work on story – binder - This is the 3rd Halloween themed story starter the students have started. We will start 4 and the students will pick the one they want to bring to completion. 

Math pgs. 58-59, 1(a-c), 2(a-c), 3 & 4 

Posted: October 8, 2020


Spelling test 

A/an/the worksheet 

Butterfly description - We discussed that paragraphs have an  introduction and a concluding sentence so these paragraphs should have them as well. Students should be implementing all the skills we have been working on.

Phys. Ed

Posted: October 7, 2020

Read  - Students should be continuing to read and record 6 days a week. Reading should be anywhere from 15 - 45 min. depending on how much other work they have.

Study spelling words see words of the week in the pages section. We have review words each week so if your child had trouble with a word on any previous week they should continue to study these. 

Yellow Duo-Tang - We discussed that it is important to read in all subjects and that reading helps us to learn in all subject areas. This reading comprehension activity is math based and it is important that students read the instructions.

Turkey Dinner - this will be the only meal served.

Headphones  - Math in the computer lab tomorrow.

Posted: October 1, 2020


Phys Ed 

Picture Day 

Spelling Test 

Butterfly - finish colouring if you didn't complete it in class

Posted: September 30, 2020


Finish "Orange T-Shirt Story" questions. These questions should be answered in full sentences.

Study Spelling Words  - This list can noe be found in the "Pages" section in the words of the week document.

Word work practice sheet   This worksheet explains the rule for adding "s" to words that end in "y". 



Posted: September 28, 2020


Terry Fox Donation $40 = 40 min of outdoor freetime

Study Spelling Words - I did not get a chance to check each students entries so if someone at home could check before they start studying that would be great.  

Memo - photo day

Watch & Practice “Honour Song” - see web links

Math pg. 51-52 ques. 8B & 11 

Posted: September 25, 2020

If we should find ourselves quarantined at home again I have sent home a packet as part of the schools “Outbreak Management Plan” that we will be using as part of our at home learning materials.  

If students are home sick and still feeling up to doing some work they should check the teachers page first. There they will find weekly spelling words and daily writing activities. If they are finished with those they should try to read and then they may work from either of the books in their bag. The Heartsmart is a workbook that they can write and colour in. If they choose to do activities in the spelling book those should be done on loose-leaf or in a scribbler. 


Posted: September 25, 2020

 Phys Ed 


Do Teacher Page Search and Find with someone at home. We did this in class today but I would like the students to show someone else this page and practice using it.

Spelling Test – sign 

Cursive Writing Practice - This is at the back of their spelling test notebooks. Today I demonstarted how to write Riley and we practiced it in class. 


Posted: September 23, 2020

Sept 23 



  • pg 51 ques. 1-6 

  • headphones - or $5 to purchase one - a memo was sent home about this last week.

Spelling - The weeks spelling list will be added in the pages bar by Wednesday of each week. 

Small bag - To carry their French and Math materials, that do not fit in their binder, to and from class. 

Memo's - Consent form & Thanksgiving Dinner Pre-order.

Posted: September 22, 2020



Share Why Write List 


Math pg. 51, 2 questions 


Posted: September 21, 2020

Read - I have started reading individually with children and will be sending reading activities home based on my observations. Students will usually have opportunity to do or start this reading at school but it is meant to be a part of their daily reading time not in addition to. Of course, students are always encouraged to read from material of their choice and to continue recording it in their reading logs. 

Sign Spelling Test - Students wrote this in Campfire notebooks on Friday. 

Study new words - These are words that are in the student's passwords so it is important that they can spell them especially the ones from their password. 

Cursive Writing - I gave instruction on Friday showing students how to form the letters for Anneliese’s name and expect that they do this double spaced and to the best of their ability. The rest of the words in the back of their campfire notebook should be practices 5X each. 

Science – share – We worked in groups today and students put their activities in their blue duo-tangs. I would like them to share them with someone and explain what their reading activity was about. 

Posted: September 17, 2020



Writing – Finish Poem Students who were absent yesterday afternoon do not need to finish this activity. We will be going to the computer lab to type these to practice using Microsoft word and the keyboard. 

Spelling Test - I checked everyone’s words in their duo-tangs today but it is a good idea to check them each night to make sure they copied them correctly. I circulate as they write them but I don’t always get a chance to give them a good check. Copying notes is a skill they will need as they advance in the grades, so practice is important. 

Phys Ed 

Math – Headphones - see memo from earlier this week 

Posted: September 15, 2020

September 15, 2020 

Read & Record – Please see the “Why Can’t I skip My 20 Minutes of Reading Tonight?” handout. Students should adjust their reading time in accordance to how much time they spend doing other homework. If we go by the general rule of thumb of 10 min per grade level they should be “working” at their homework for about 50 min per evening. Most of the work that I assign will be the completion of something started in class and should probably already be finished or close to it. Having said that if they work for 20 min on other homework I would expect that they read for 20-30 min.  

Quick Write - Students should write at least ½ page about the quote or what the quote made them think of.  

Words of the Week - Spelling Duo-Tang – Finish the Use capital letters correctly” handout 


  • Cafeteria menu 

  • Letter to Parents regarding allergies 

  • Math information 

Posted: September 14, 2020

Read & Record 

Quick Write - Students are to fill out the “My Classroom Expectations sheet. This is for English Language Arts and other cross-curricular subjects we have in homeroom. Your child should always write their name in cursive in my classes on every piece of paper they work on. 

Words of the Week - Students will add words to their agenda each week that I deem important for them to be able to spell quickly for simplicities sake. We may add words up to Wednesday so they should study each night. This week’s theme is places and other words that need capitals. 

Notes for Parents/ Guardians 

  1. Ask your child what province, territory or city they chose to do their project on. This will be a long-term working project that they will start working on now and present in January.  

  1. If your child cannot tie a knot or their shoelaces, they should be practicing this at home. 

  1. Mrs. Tucker would like students to have scribbler with ½ plain & ½ lined pages for French. 

  1. Student fee is $20 with a maximum of $40 per family. This includes the agenda fee. 

  1. A few students still do not have an old t-shirt. We will be cutting this up so it will not come back home. This does not need to fit your child so it can be anyone's t-shirt. 

Posted: September 11, 2020

Read & Record Students now have a yellow duo-tang with a reading log. I expect that they will read for at least 3 hours every week. They will have short periods of time to read at school but they will need to read at home to achieve this goal. 

Quick Write Students are bringing home an aqua duo-tang with writing prompts. These prompts are meant to get them thinking and to give them something to write about. Some prompts will be mind maps like the one they had yesterday titled “I Believe in my # Selfie”and will require that they fill out the sheet. Other prompts will be a response to something we have discussed in class and they should write at least ½ a page double spaced on loose leaf.  

Phys. Ed. Students require a change of clothes and their indoor sneakers for physical education. Their clothes need to be in a bag to transport from their locker to the changing room. We have Phys. Ed. On Monday and Friday. 

Note to Parents/Guardians

Student Fee, which includes agenda, is $20 with a maximum $40 per family.

The Nelson Rural School Page & Facebook Nelson Rural School Information Page are great sources of information for anything regarding school.

I had a wonderful 3 days with your children and look forward to working with them over the next 5 months.