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Posted: March 18, 2019

Posted: March 18, 2019

We went to a production of Kalimba this morning, ask your child about it. The musical production was lively and interactive with the message that we are all unique.

le 18 mars,

We are talking about how to keep ourselves healthy ask your child to tell you one thing they can do “in French”. We have also looked at the new Canadian Food Guide and have incorporated it into our fractions unit. Ask your child to explain the plate they have completed. We have been working on food vocabulary since September so they should be able to name many items on their plate. Students are expected to bring the plates back to present to their class.


Lire et partager – 3 livre

Pratique l’alphabet – students should be able to sing the alphabet, say random letters when they are pointed to and spell their first and last names quickly and fluently in French. (almost like they do in English)

Posted: March 13, 2019

le 13 mars

lire et partage - 3 livres (as when they were learning to read english repetition is important for fluency thus your child will often be bringing the same books home to practice), vocabulaire (this binder is meant to be practical so it is important to review what is in it often so students will be able to refer to it quickly and easily when needed)

étude -faits de maths - addition et soustraction, singée ton dictée - corrections 10X

Maths - problem du jour, pg 199 - 1, 2, 3 & 6

Guided Reading - Max and Jacog have <Encore plus grand> to practice at home. They will have this book for 3-4 days and should continue practicing it.

Posted: March 12, 2019

le 12 mars

lire et partager - 3 livres - les sons (sounds duo-tang) - students should read the last entry in their duo-tang and review a few other pages)

étude - faits de maths - addition et soustraction ( they should be able to recognize combinations of 10's and know their doubles instantly)

maths - problem du jour (students have the answer and they need to create a problem. They can use previous problems to help them do this. We did several examples together in class.)

         - singée ton dictée - correction 10X

         - pg. 139 - 140 1, 2, 3, 6 & 7 (Again we did this together orally in class and did the problems together on the smartboard so students should be able to do these pages on their own and understand what they are expected to do.)

Guided Reading - Carter, Travis, Miriam, Isabella & Addyson have <C'est l'heure du dejeuner> to practice at home. They will have this book for 3-4 days and should continue practicing it.

Posted: March 11, 2019

If your child does not have their homework down in their agenda I expect that they finish writing it down as part of their homework. Copying notes is a skill and needs to be practiced.

The following students, Quintin, Sydney, Ava & Randy, are bringing home a guided reading book called <le bonhomme de neige> to practice.  The same guided reading books will go home for 3-4 nights to allow students to become fluent with the text.


lire et partager - 3 livre et mots fréquents (read and share - 3 books and high frequency words)

étude - faits de math - addition et soustraction (study addition and subtraction math facts)

Math - problem du jour, singée ton dictée - correction 10 X, pg 187 - 2, 3, 4 (problem of the day, sign math quiz and write corrections out 10X each - math pg 187 - questions 2, 3 & 4)

We did the math page together orally and some of the key words that are needed to answer the questions are on page 181.

Don't forget the bedtime story challenge. See the Nelson School Information page on FB for further details on this initative.










singée ton dictée- correction 10X

pg. 187 - 2,3,4


Posted: February 28, 2019

lire et partager

3 livre

les sons



faits de maths - addition et soustraction


Problem du jour

singée ton dictée- correction 10X

3 pages de fractions


Students should be reading in both french and english every night. They have a french journal and bring 3 easy for them french books home each night to read. They also will often have a group book that we are working on in class to practice and a library bbok of their choice.



Posted: January 22, 2019

lire et partager

les mots frèquent


èpeler les mots de semaine



des faits d'addition - les doubles


comptent a rebour par cinq à partir de 100 - 0

Problem de jour

text - pg 91 que - 1, 3, 4, 5

- pg. 105 que 1, 2, 6

Due Date: 

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Posted: January 16, 2019

le 16 janvier

It is important that students read in French and English on a nightly basis as well as review their basic addition facts and counting in French. Tonight I want them to start at 11 and skip count by 10's until they reach 111. Addition facts that make 10 are important when doing mental math. If your child does not have French books at home and does not bring home a book they should have a duo-tang with work we are presently working on that they can also read from. They are to write any math facts that they may have gotten wrong on their quiz today 10X each.

lire et partager

les sons


comptent par dizaines à partir de 11-111


des faits d'addition

1+9=10 6+4=10

2+8=10 7+3=10

3+7=10 8+2=10

4+6=10 9+1=10


signe dicté

faire des corrections dix fois chaque

Posted: January 8, 2019

le 8 janvier

Students are bringing home a matching game that is a review of common classroom phrases to practice. They also have a book to read with someone. I listened to everyone read from the book today and they should have no problem reading it on their own. Most students finished the math but they are to bring all homework home , completed or not, to show you should you want to see it.




lire et partager (read and share)

les sons (duo-tang)

Les jours de la semaine (book)


pratiquer (practice)

les chiffres 1-1000 (numbers 1-1000)


jouer (play)

jeu de match (match game)




pg 98 1-4







Posted: December 10, 2018

Students completed a dot to dot this afternoon counting by 5's. For homework I would like them to read all the numbers on the page to someone. If they are having difficulty they can use the number page in their vocabulary binder.

We will be having Christmas dinner on Wednesday. If students did not purchase the meal they will need to bring their own lunch as that will be the only meal served that day.

Please see the information on the final part of our healthy living challenge. Students have a drink diary to fill out and return.


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