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Fall Fun!

Posted: May 25, 2020

As before, feel free to complete activities at all levels. All good learning! :)

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Posted: May 25, 2020

Have fun with these activities! Your symmetrical mittens were sent home in your bag. We didn't get a chance to hang them, but you did a great job! :) When using the flyer for the estimation task, round everything that ends in .97 and .99 to the next dollar ( $2.97 and $2.99 go to $3.00). Also, to make sure you have enough money for the cashier, don't go beyond $25. You have to think about TAX!!

Read! Read! Read! Aim for 20 minutes every day! :)

Writing/Word Work

There is a list of 30 words that kids in grades 3 and 4 use a lot, and misspell a lot. I am going to give you 15 this week, and 15 next week. As an added challenge, I am going to scramble the letters. Unscramble, and get an adult to see if they are correct. Now study them. You will be using them over and over....

1. tiueq

2. ybeam

3. rou

4. uoehng

5. litnu

6. dwrie

7. nfdrie

8. chhiw

9. eeenxlltc

10. tteill

11. yase

12. sue

13. scbeeua

14. neco

15. ginaa


Do you prefer playing indoors or outdoors? Make a pros and cons list. Write for 10 minutes without stopping why one is better than the other. 


SYNONYM- a synonym is a word that means exactly or nearly the same as another word.  

When writing, we sometimes get into the habit of using the same words over and over.                           

Example:    He is really funny!

To make your writing more interesting, replace funny with....

Examples:       He is hilarious!       He is sooo comical!

Write a synonym for each of the following words:

1. nice-

2. pretty-

3. good-

4. ran-

5. looked- 


Write as many words as you can using the letters from your first and last name. Challenge yourself! Can you get a 5 letter word? A 6 letter word? :) Throw in your middle name! With the extra letters, how about a 7 letter word??? ;)



This week's Nature Ninja tasks are about estimating, symmetry and multiplication. The STEAM post has you working with fact families using the number 54. Remember, there are 4 sentences in a fact family (unless it's a double). We have addition/subtraction families and multiplication/division families. It is important to use fact family knowledge, because if you know 1 fact in a family, you really know all 4. 

     Try these:

1.          28

7x4=28        20+8=28

4x7=28        8+20=28

28%4=7       28-8=20

28%7=4       28-20=8

2. 48

3. 42

4. 35

5. 60

*sorry about division symbol! :(


Posted: May 25, 2020

Good Morning Class!

It's a beautiful, sunny morning in Doyle's Brook. The birds are chirping! The hummingbirds have arrived! I hope everyone gets outside and enjoys the day!

Thanks to everyone who sent a "jellybean jar" guess. As you know there were 50 jellybeans in the referent, and 230 in the large jar!!

Mr. Coby Lynch had the closest estimate with a guess of 153. Ms. Calleigh Cuthbert had the second closest estimate with a guess of 150. Way to go, Coby and Calleigh!! :) Your jellybeans will be delivered this week!!

There will be 3 posts following this note. Continue to work hard! You are doing great! I miss you! Take care!


Ms. Hackett :)

Posted: May 20, 2020

Yearbook Update

We will have a yearbook this year. The cost is $20, and it will be ready in September. I will ask you during this week's call if you'd like to purchase one. Please forward any home learning pictures and/or a sibling/family picture, taken during the quarantine, to the attached link.

Posted: May 18, 2020

My great-niece made these rock flowers for her mom. I think they are really nice! Maybe you'd like to add some to your yard? :)

We estimate a lot in life. Sometimes we don't even realize we are doing it! Your parents estimate every day- at the grocery store (how much will this cost?), while preparing meals (how much do I cook?) and when travelling (how long will it take to get where I'm going?).'s a good idea for you to become a "top estimator" right now!! When we estimate we use the words ABOUT and APPROXIMATELY. To help you estimate, we sometimes use a REFERENT. When we learned to measure using cm, we used the width of our pinky finger as a referent. We looked at our pinky knowing it was ABOUT 1 cm wide. This helped us figure out the APPROXIMATE length of small items. In the above picture there are 2 jars of jelly beans. The small one is the referent. There are 50 jelly beans in it. This should help you estimate how many are in the large jar. Email your estimate to me. Closest estimate to the actual number gets the jar, and second place gets the referent. I'm waiting...... CHALLENGE: You will need a clear jar. Find some pebbles outside, and place 5 of them in the bottom of your jar. Estimate how many pebbles you will need to fill the jar. Find enough pebbles (around the same size) and fill your jar. How close was your estimate?

Posted: May 18, 2020

There are some great outdoor activities in the following attachment. I especially like the Bingo game, and the raft building activity. When it asks you to find the circumference on the Bingo card, that means perimeter (distance around a shape/object).

Read every day for 20 minutes! Spend time outside every day! It's getting warm enough to enjoy reading outside! :)


Springtime Jokes:

1. Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Wayne who?

Wayne will help the flowers grow.

2. Knock, knock.

Who's there? 

Norma Lee.

Norma Lee who?

Norma Lee I like to play outside in spring.

3. Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Petunia who?

Petunia shoes and come out and play!


Make as many words as you can from the word SPRINGTIME. Springtime is a compound word. Remember, a compound word is 2 words joined together to make a longer word.

Try to get 20 words! Can you get 30?

I'll start you off with 3....

1. sign

2. germs

3. pet


Posted: May 18, 2020

Good Afternoon All!

I hope everyone is having a great Victoria Day long weekend! I went outside this morning, and it started hailing! Yikes! ;(  I looked ahead at the weather report, and it's looking like warm days ahead! :)

Our home learning this week will come in 4 posts. As you probably remember, I'm not very "techie"; so in order to put on our work I'll post 4 times.

I put my hummingbird feeder out but no hummers yet. I'll let you know when I see the first one. I do have lots of finches, blue jays, chickadees and black birds. The one-legged black bird I fed last year hasn't come back. :(

Have a great week! Miss you! Keep working hard!


Ms. Hackett :)


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