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Posted: January 5, 2021

1. again      9. skate

2. was       10. crash

3. myself    11. beautiful

4. until       12. terrible

5. didn't      13. winner

6. another   14. getting

7. before     15. friendly

8. school

*test on Friday, January 15th.

Posted: November 12, 2020

1. make       9. made

2. car         10. always

3. sister      11. laugh

4. will        12. enough

5. those     13. thank

6. how       14. because

7. brother    15. mail

8. wear

*test on Nov. 19th.

Posted: October 26, 2020

1. candy         9. home

2. bats           10. moon

3. orange       11. people

4. soon          12. which

5. house        13. night

6. cats          14. light

7. witch         15. fright

8. black

*test on Friday, Nov. 6th.

Posted: October 14, 2020

1. about           9. does

2. don't           10. many

3. are              11. eating

4. knew          12. found

5. when          13. nice

6. saw            14. rain

7. were           15. use

8. give

*test on Friday, October 23rd.

Posted: September 15, 2020

1. also      9. very

2. by         10. want

3. one        11. best

4. into        12. clock

5. have       13. window

6. really     14. joke

7. said        15. name

8. with

* test on Friday, September 25th.

Posted: June 16, 2020

Good morning!

The worm results are in! There are 20 worms in our referent jar. In the larger jar there are 51 WORMS! That's a lot of sour! ;)

Ms. Ava MacKinley had the closest guess! She said 57!

Ms. Emma Cuthbert was second closest with a guess of 90!

The worms will be delivered this week.

Congrats, girls! Happy chewing! :)

Posted: June 8, 2020

Joke #1

What kind of shoes do frogs wear to the beach?

Open-toad shoes! :)

Joke #2

When can't you open the refrigerator door?

When the salad is dressing! :)

Joke #3

What is a cat's favourite vegetable?

As-purr-agus! :)

Joke #4

What did the robin do when it got sick?

It went to the doctor for TWEETMENT! :)

Joke #5

Why did the cucumber call for help?

It was in a pickle! :)

Keep Reading!! :)


June 8th. is NATIONAL BEST FRIENDS DAY. Write your best friend a letter telling them the reasons they are special to you.


Write to me! I promise to write back!! My address:

Ms. Hackett

1847 Hwy.118

Doyle's Brook, N.B.

E9E 2H8




1. Bob creates this number pattern:

Start at 1 and add 6 each time.

Bill creates this number pattern:

Start at 3 and add 7 each time.

What number will be in both patterns?


2. Do you know anyone who has lived for close to 1000 days?


3. Sally read for 30 minutes every day for 2 full weeks (14 days). At the end of the 2 weeks, has Sally read for more than 6 hours?


Social Studies:

Compare (things that are similar) and contrast (things that are different).

Make a compare and contrast list of 10 things you think about when you hear city (urban) and country (rural). 


Posted: June 8, 2020

Good Morning All!

I hope everyone is doing well! It was a dreary weekend but this week is looking good. The mosquitoes are terrible at my place! :( And they are as big as my hummingbirds!! ;)

Today's Home Learning Post will be the final for the year.  We made it!! :) I'm working on report cards, and, hopefully, I'll see you on pickup day but we're still not sure how the pickup will work.

This year, summer begins on June 20th. So, 12 more days of spring and then we are into the season of summer. I hope you and your families have a great one!! :)

Although the year didn't go as we thought it would, I treasure the time we had together in Room 144! 

Miss you! Play safe!


Ms. Hackett :)

Keep reading daily!

Try this:

Have someone tape you reading a book so you can hear how it sounds. Use a book that you know and love. Does it sound like talking? Do you pause at commas, and stop at end punctuation marks? Does your voice get louder when you read words in BOLD PRINT?


Writing/Word Work:


The second half of the list of commonly misspelled words:

16. baborpyl

17. ssrcoa

18. rehgotte

19. ourieavtf

20. aeiuuflbt

21. omcgin

22. ppenahde

23. luodc

24. eriffdent

25. etunim

26. dsoe

27. areyll

28. eiapls

29. ooorrwmt

30. ssuierpr


Write a note or message to a family member. Hide it or leave it for them to find in an unexpected place. Examples: in their shoe, under their pillow.


Make a list of 10 things that either make you feel calm or give you good energy. Try to do something from the list every day. :)



Increasing (growing) patterns:

Rule: Start at 450 and add 5 each time. What would the 10th. number be?

Rule: Start at 686 and add 4 each time. What would the 8th. number be?

Rule: Start at 800 and add 100 each time. What would the 12th. number be?

Decreasing (shrinking) patterns:

Rule: Start at 1000 and subtract 3 each time. What would the 11th. number be?

Rule: Start at 333 and subtract 10 each time. What would the 8th. number be?

Rule: Start at 791 and subtract 5 each time. What would the 9th. number be?

Posted: June 1, 2020

Good morning, boys and girls!

This morning I am writing your note in our classroom! It is sooo quiet without my 18 munchkins! :(

There will be today's home learning, and then next Monday will be the last post for this school year. I know the weather is warm, and you are getting tired of home learning, but try to continue doing some work for another 2 weeks. 

Take care. I'll be phoning from school during the week.

Feeling lonely in Room 144.


Ms. Hackett :)

Read! Read! Read! Aim for 20 minutes every day! :)

Writing/Word Work

There is a list of 30 words that kids in grades 3 and 4 use a lot, and misspell a lot. I am going to give you 15 this week, and 15 next week. As an added challenge, I am going to scramble the letters. Unscramble, and get an adult to see if they are correct. Now study them. You will be using them over and over....

1. tiueq

2. ybeam

3. rou

4. uoehng

5. litnu

6. dwrie

7. nfdrie

8. chhiw

9. eeenxlltc

10. tteill

11. yase

12. sue

13. scbeeua

14. neco

15. ginaa


Do you prefer playing indoors or outdoors? Make a pros and cons list. Write for 10 minutes without stopping why one is better than the other. 


SYNONYM- a synonym is a word that means exactly or nearly the same as another word.  

When writing, we sometimes get into the habit of using the same words over and over.                           

Example:    He is really funny!

To make your writing more interesting, replace funny with....

Examples:       He is hilarious!       He is sooo comical!

Write a synonym for each of the following words:

1. nice-

2. pretty-

3. good-

4. ran-

5. looked- 


Write as many words as you can using the letters from your first and last name. Challenge yourself! Can you get a 5 letter word? A 6 letter word? :) Throw in your middle name! With the extra letters, how about a 7 letter word??? ;)



This week's Nature Ninja tasks are about estimating, symmetry and multiplication. The STEAM post has you working with fact families using the number 54. Remember, there are 4 sentences in a fact family (unless it's a double). We have addition/subtraction families and multiplication/division families. It is important to use fact family knowledge, because if you know 1 fact in a family, you really know all 4. 

     Try these:

1.          28

7x4=28        20+8=28

4x7=28        8+20=28

28%4=7       28-8=20

28%7=4       28-20=8

2. 48

3. 42

4. 35

5. 60

*sorry about division symbol! :(


Posted: May 25, 2020

Good Morning Class!

It's a beautiful, sunny morning in Doyle's Brook. The birds are chirping! The hummingbirds have arrived! I hope everyone gets outside and enjoys the day!

Thanks to everyone who sent a "jellybean jar" guess. As you know there were 50 jellybeans in the referent, and 230 in the large jar!!

Mr. Coby Lynch had the closest estimate with a guess of 153. Ms. Calleigh Cuthbert had the second closest estimate with a guess of 150. Way to go, Coby and Calleigh!! :) Your jellybeans will be delivered this week!!

There will be 3 posts following this note. Continue to work hard! You are doing great! I miss you! Take care!


Ms. Hackett :)

Posted: May 18, 2020

There are some great outdoor activities in the following attachment. I especially like the Bingo game, and the raft building activity. When it asks you to find the circumference on the Bingo card, that means perimeter (distance around a shape/object).

Read every day for 20 minutes! Spend time outside every day! It's getting warm enough to enjoy reading outside! :)


Springtime Jokes:

1. Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Wayne who?

Wayne will help the flowers grow.

2. Knock, knock.

Who's there? 

Norma Lee.

Norma Lee who?

Norma Lee I like to play outside in spring.

3. Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Petunia who?

Petunia shoes and come out and play!


Make as many words as you can from the word SPRINGTIME. Springtime is a compound word. Remember, a compound word is 2 words joined together to make a longer word.

Try to get 20 words! Can you get 30?

I'll start you off with 3....

1. sign

2. germs

3. pet