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Congratulations to students in Gr. 7-8 M for hosting our Flag Day ceremony. You did an amazing job as did our vocalists-comedians and students in K-5. We will perform many of the jokes-songs at our spring concert. Here is the video we played at the beginning of the ceremony. Sorry for the audio glitches but the imovie did not cooperate when transferring to the desktop files. Here is the text from Serah's part  " Hi I am Serah. I just moved here to Canada from India. One of my favorite things about Canada is playing in the snow."

It was inspiring to see Nelson Rural students showing such pride for our country. Thanks to students for giving your best effort. On to the next show!  "rrrrribittt!!)

Here is our audition video for the tv show, Family Feud Canada-Teacher's Edition! We jumped on having the chance to compete against teacher teams from across the country and defend our school's honor. We formed a team and went to work filming during the last week of school. Final edits were completed at 12:45 am last night- Just in time for the 1:00 am submission deadline! Team members are Marcia Bessette- Mme. MacDonald- Mrs. Dickson- Mr. Bosma and Mr. Methot with Alex Loggie agreeing to be our alternate player. My role was to film and edit the video. I am happy to cheer on our team from home! I do make one brief appearance in the video-but that's as far as I go for an acting career!! All of our team members did a great job--- I'm afraid however---CBC may come calling for Mr. Methot!! He really shines on camera!! A few little glitches with volume levels. No worries though- the video is only for the eyes of the producers to use as a virtual audition to get to know our team of teachers. Fingers crossed we will get the call and win a few dollars for Nelson Rural School.

Posted: February 15, 2023

Great job at today's ceremony. Here is a copy of the promo video we made for National Flag Day

Here it is........It's The 2022 Every Day is Earth Day Rap!! video. Made a last minute addition by putting our custodians in the back of my truck for a video clip. They did a great job! I hope they don't join the actors' union or we won't be able to afford them next year!  Mrs. Dickson gave an Academy Award winning performance eating that salad (she doesn't even like tomatoes!) and Madame MacDonald showed us her great parking skills! Thanks to Aiden G and Aiden D plus all of the students in 5-6M for recording the rap lyrics with very little rehearsal time. (Like one music period!) Thanks to  students who appeared in the video. Thanks to Madame Hitchman for showing me how to edit video. And finally......Here's to another job-well-done by Nelson Rural Students. Hmmmm......what will we come up with for next year?

Please enjoy highlights from our group Music Class this past June. Thanks to our Gr. 5-6 Class for hosting this event and for keeping everything flowing so well. I will show everyone the full length performances when we get back to school.  Also -thanks to Riley Lynch for taking all the video footage.

Finally managed to get this footage put together. I hope everyone is having a fun summer!

Finally managed to get this footage put together. Hope everyone is having a fun summer.

Posted: January 24, 2022

To those students who submitted their mini projet #2 by last Friday's 5:00pm deadline; please note I received your work and have assigned a grade. We will meet at our regular class time tomorrow on Teams. 

Over the holidays I salvaged enough video clips from music class to put together a "performance". This is rehearsal footage so you will hear me giving instruction throughout the video. Congrats to those guitar players for learning the parts well enough to record. Thanks to Rowyn for leading the vocals. We'll aim for a more finished product next Christmas season. Joyeux Noël Mes Amis!!

Posted: December 26, 2021

Only had 7 students for music class on this day. We created this cute little video about a trip to the Doctor's office!!



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Nelson Rural Teachers Audition for FAMILY FEUD- TEACHER'S WEEK
Nelson Rural Flag Day Ceremony