Nelson Rural Teachers Audition for FAMILY FEUD- TEACHER'S WEEK

Posted: June 30, 2023

Here is our audition video for the tv show, Family Feud Canada-Teacher's Edition! We jumped on having the chance to compete against teacher teams from across the country and defend our school's honor. We formed a team and went to work filming during the last week of school. Final edits were completed at 12:45 am last night- Just in time for the 1:00 am submission deadline! Team members are Marcia Bessette- Mme. MacDonald- Mrs. Dickson- Mr. Bosma and Mr. Methot with Alex Loggie agreeing to be our alternate player. My role was to film and edit the video. I am happy to cheer on our team from home! I do make one brief appearance in the video-but that's as far as I go for an acting career!! All of our team members did a great job--- I'm afraid however---CBC may come calling for Mr. Methot!! He really shines on camera!! A few little glitches with volume levels. No worries though- the video is only for the eyes of the producers to use as a virtual audition to get to know our team of teachers. Fingers crossed we will get the call and win a few dollars for Nelson Rural School.