Mrs. Dickson Notes


Posted: October 23, 2019


Click on this link and if you scroll down a bit you will find our school along with many others who are taking part in the Zero Food Waste Challange. Even a few people can really make a difference. You should see Mrs. Woods' class digging up potatoes and some middle school students making Chow.So proud of our school - Way to go Nelson Rural!!!!


Posted: October 22, 2019

Check out the small gathering we had to help celebrate our ending of our Garden Club in the Photo gallery on Garden Club page!!!!

Posted: September 21, 2017

Since Library day for our class is on Thursday we will have to try and remember to pack our library book on Wednesday night when we are packing up our homework. Then we all will be able to get a new book for the week.

Posted: September 5, 2017

Tonight the parents have HOMEWORK. They need to read all the memos and fill in the important forms. Also the blue sheet has dates with upcoming events make sure to put it on the front of your fridge so you can find it fast!!

Posted: November 29, 2015

Play With Your Food  We had a lot of fun last week with our characters and now we are starting to write about it. Each students character turned out beautiful.  The photos will be displayed on the school's web site later this week. Book Fair - This week there is a Book Fair at our school in the library.  It starts on Monday and runs to Thursday.  Family night is on Wed. So come on out to see what is there and spend some quality time together as well.    Christmas Dinner will be available for students on Wednesday, December 9.  A turkey dinner withdessert will be served.  If students are interested we are asking that the dinner be prepaid by next Wednesday, December 2. The cost is $5.00  No other food will be available in the cafeteria that day.           Texas Buddies will be back to school this week and we will resume our weekly Skype sessions with them.  They were off all last week for Thanksgiving break.  Also we are hoping to receive their package with our pen pal letters in it.  We will soon be preparing our Christmas cards and other surprises for them so we can get it all mailed out before the holiday break.  Wow where has the year gone.                    The weather is changing everyday and it mostly is cold down by the water at school. We would like to see that all students have the proper clothing on now.  They should have winter coats, hats, mitts and boots and usually ski pants if at all possible. Playing outside is fun when you are dressed for it!   We have a Word Work sheet and a organization piece of Writing that always turns out well as it gets the students excited about their writing. I can't wait to see what each student writes this year.  For Math we are still working on place value and working with tens and ones using base ten blocks. On Friday we will have our weekly spelling test and of course we need to read and RECORD  our books on our Borrow - A - Book sheet each and every night. Let's keep working hard as there is not many days left before our Christmas break.
 Our Texas buddies are off all this week as it is Thanksgiving in Texas.  We missed talking to our buddies last week as our skating schedule was upset and this conflicted with our Skype time.  So we sent them a message saying we will miss them and we wished them a great Thanksgiving break.  We hope to receive their package this week with their letters, a book and other wonderful treats.  We will Skype with them on Dec 3rd.  Play with Your Food is on Wed, Nov 25th. Everyone is encouraged to do their best and bring in a work of art. It doesn't have to take up a lot of time or cost a lot of money. We want everyone to look at home for a fruit or vegetable they already have and make it into their best creation ever. I can't wait to see what our students come up with this year!!  Counting money and working with numbers to 100 is still what we are working on. This week we are learning how to make numbers with 10' s and 1's.  We also will be learning how to describe numbers in a variety of ways. This is very easy and fun to do.  Our weather sure changed since our snow day on Monday.  It is very cold down her next to the river so it important that everyone comes with the proper clothing like a winter coat, ski pants, boots, hats and mittens.  It really isn't any fun playing outdoors if you are not dressed for the weather. So dig out the winter gear and lets get ready for the colder weather headed our way!!

Posted: November 9, 2015

Math We just completed our Math test and it was sent home tonight. Please sign it and return it tomorrow.  More working on money, especially counting different coins altogether would be helpful.  So dig out some change and have them practise at home. Right now we are moving on to Estimation. We came up with some startegies to do this by counting a smaller group and then using this to help us estimate what would be in the larger group.  This concept becomes easier and easier the more we practise so try to help out at home by letting the kids do this. In You and Your World we are looking at eating healthy, exercising, looking after our teeth, getting enought rest, and keep germs out of our boddies.  So please ask your child what we are learning as each week we will move on to a different topic.  Right now we have started with our TEETH.  Homework This week we only have three sheets to complete as we have no school on Wed. However, I still would like for the students to read each night and make sure you record it on your sheet each night so you can move up to the next level and get a reward.  Our three sheets consist of a word work sheet with the short U vowel sound. A math review of our concepts we were just tested on and then a writting sheet about Remembrance Day. As you may have noticed the writing sheet is no longer three detailed sentences but rather a small story with lots of good details. Each sentence needs to start with a capital letter and end with proper punctuation.  Try to use Million Dollar Words and it finally needs a beginning, middle and end.  Keep up the good work and it will only help you to become a better writer in class as well.  As usual we have library on Friday so return your book.  We talk to Texas on Thursday and we can't wait to see if they mailed out their letters to us. We were told that they received our letters and other items we sent. They were very excited to get such a nice package in the mail. We are eagerly awaiting  for ours to arrive in the mail as well.

Posted: November 9, 2015

At Nelson Rural we will take time to remember the brave ones.  Our ceremony starts at 10:00 am in our gym. The ceremony is well done with everyone in our school playing a special part.  It is a very beautful service and if you have time come on out to take part with us.  Hope to see you all there.  Abby Carter will be our wreath carrier this year.

Posted: November 2, 2015

Last weeks video announcements were done by Carly and Mason from our room last Friday. Please take a second to watch it on the Home page of our Nelson Rural School site as they did a very good job. We are all very proud of their work as it is not easy to perform in front of the camera.

Posted: November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween everyone! We sure had a nice night for trick or treating.  We are starting a healthy eating unit for You and Your World this month so be sure to choose wisely about what snacks we will be bringing with us to school.  Also a reminder that Halloween snacks must be peanut free as we have many students with allergies.    We just completed our first round of talking to our pen pals in Dallas Texas.  Each week onThursdays we Skype with our buddies.  Every time we speak with them we discuss the weather for the week, any exciting events that are happening with our school and just check in to see what is going on.  So you can ask your son or daughter what is happening with their buddies from time to time. Also we just mailed out our first pen pal letters to them and will soon be receiving letters from them as well.  Remembrance Day is soon upon us and we are asking that each student bring in a small donation to help support this cause.     Donations for the food drive are always welcome. This is a great lesson to help our students know that they can make a difference right here in their very own community with such a small gift. Continue to send in any donations up until December. Thanks for your support!  Homework is important as it helps keep the lines of communication between home and school open and it also helps to keep a close eye on learning.  If there is any trouble with homework please let me know as it is usually a review of what we covered in class.  Each night it is important to read so that we can get extra practise to improve our reading skills like fluency and comprehension.  This week we have 12 spelling words as it is a review week.  Study hard to make sure we do a good job on Friday! In Math we are still working on counting money and recognizing the values and names of each coin.  We are still learning how to count in a variety of ways, knowing if a number is odd or even and our newest concept is learning about Ordinal numbers.  Please try to help everyone get practise at home, especially with counting money as it seems to be harder to learn as our students don't handle money very often and do not have much experience with it.  Have a great week everyone and remember to enjoy school and work hard.

Posted: October 19, 2015

Check out the students planting tulips in our garden for our year long project we do with many schools around the world in our image gallery on the right side of this web page near the bottom.
This week we will be having a full week of classes. In the morning it is very chilly so please come to school with warm clothes as it is usually even cooler down by the river too.     In Math this week we will continue to count in a variety of ways from 0-100 forward and backwards.  We will use the number line and 100 chart to do this. Also we have learned last week about odd and even numbers and still need a bit of work in this area as well.  This week we will learn about money. The students need to know the name of each coin, the value of the coins and how to count money too. If you can work on this at home it will be a BIG help as it is usually a harder concept for them as they don't see money very often. THANKS!   We have been working hard on writing pen pal letters to Texas. We will have our third weekly Skype session on Thursday this week with our Buddies from Dallas, Texas.  They have warmer temperatures than we do and they didn't get snow on the weekend for sure. They were wondering if we were going to get snow and we told them we would let them know this week when we spoke with them.    Also we planted 49 Red Emperor Tulips last week at school as part of our learning experience with Texas and the rest of the world.  We will check on our tulip garden from time to time to see what we can observe and record the changes we see.  Texas told us that they didn't plant their tulips yet but they will soon put them in the freezer to fool them into thinking they are planted in the cold ground and later in January they will plant theirs in the ground too. I wonder who's tulips will bloom first?  Have a great week at school everyone and I can't wait to see what wonderful things we can accomplish this week!!
 Picture retakes are this Thursday. If your child wants to have their pictures retaken please send in a note saying so. Thanks!    Our Library time is on Friday. So please bring back your book on Thursday so that you will not forget it at home. You can only get out a book if last weeks book comes back.   This week we have two math sheets. One is on number lines and the other one is on the 100th chart. Also we have a writing sheet to do with fall. It is very important that we start with a capital letter and end with proper punctuation. Again remember to stay on topic as well.  Finally we have our 10 spelling words and our Borrow a Book which needs to be read each night and recorded on the yellow sheet.  Again this week we will be Skyping with our pen pals from Texas. We will do this each week on Thursdays.  We look at such things as our weather so we can see the difference in temperatures and we also let them know what is happening at our school for the week as well. It is a lot of fun for sure!!!  This week we might get out to plant our tulips and that will be fun to share with them as well.   This week in math we will continue to work on counting in a variety of ways. We now know how to count by 1's, 2's 5's and 10's.  We will also be learning how to count by twos starting with an odd number and counting by 10's starting at any number.  For example counting by 10's starting at 4 looks and sounds like this:  4  14  24  34 44 54  64  74  84  94  104.  We also will continue to count using numberline and our 100th charts.  Finally we will learn the new concept of odd and even numbers.  Odd numbers end with the one's digit being a 1  3   5  7  9   and the even digits in the one's place end in numbers like:  0  2  4  6  8 . Video announcements are on the main page of our school's web page and the Primary Corner (K-2) announcements are posted on Wednesdays for all to watch.  This week it will be two students from our room.   Well we sure had a lot to share this week. Tune in again next week to see what is going on in our room.    

Posted: October 13, 2015

We are learning how to count by 2's 5's and 10's in different ways forward and backwards. I have added a few games that your child can use to help them learn how to do it. Check them out.

Posted: October 4, 2015

homeworkHomework This is a short week for students, so there are only 2 nights for homework. As it is a short week we will not be having a spelling list. Instead we are sending home a Grade 2 sight word list that we will be using throughout the year. We have started working on the 6+1 Writing Traits and the first one is Ideas. Students have to use the main idea, stay on topic and write sentences with good details to go with it. Please make sure you are reading each night and record your book on the log sheet. There will be a small reward when you reach 25 books. Teachers have professional learning days on Thursday and Friday this week which means there is no school for the students.    We just finished up our Unit 1 in math on Friday. Please look at the test, sign it and return it back to school.We will now begin Unit 2 on numbers to 100. Students can be working on counting in different ways at home by; 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s. In this unit we will also be working on odd and even numbers, counting with money, ordinals, showing numbers in different ways and place value.