Classroom News for Nov 9th - 13th

Posted: November 9, 2015

Math We just completed our Math test and it was sent home tonight. Please sign it and return it tomorrow.  More working on money, especially counting different coins altogether would be helpful.  So dig out some change and have them practise at home. Right now we are moving on to Estimation. We came up with some startegies to do this by counting a smaller group and then using this to help us estimate what would be in the larger group.  This concept becomes easier and easier the more we practise so try to help out at home by letting the kids do this. In You and Your World we are looking at eating healthy, exercising, looking after our teeth, getting enought rest, and keep germs out of our boddies.  So please ask your child what we are learning as each week we will move on to a different topic.  Right now we have started with our TEETH.  Homework This week we only have three sheets to complete as we have no school on Wed. However, I still would like for the students to read each night and make sure you record it on your sheet each night so you can move up to the next level and get a reward.  Our three sheets consist of a word work sheet with the short U vowel sound. A math review of our concepts we were just tested on and then a writting sheet about Remembrance Day. As you may have noticed the writing sheet is no longer three detailed sentences but rather a small story with lots of good details. Each sentence needs to start with a capital letter and end with proper punctuation.  Try to use Million Dollar Words and it finally needs a beginning, middle and end.  Keep up the good work and it will only help you to become a better writer in class as well.  As usual we have library on Friday so return your book.  We talk to Texas on Thursday and we can't wait to see if they mailed out their letters to us. We were told that they received our letters and other items we sent. They were very excited to get such a nice package in the mail. We are eagerly awaiting  for ours to arrive in the mail as well.