Posted: February 14, 2017

As a result of the storm days, we are extending our fundraiser. Please note below the new dates.

Monday February 20th - Pledge Sheets are due

Wednesday February 22nd - Spell-A-Thons will be held in each class

Monday February 27th - Corrected tests and pledge sheets will go home - Collect pledge money

Friday March 3rd - All pledge money is due

We will continue to work on the word lists at school and would also ask that you work on them at home.

Posted: October 5, 2016

On Wednesday October 5, Ms. Hackett’s Grade 3, Ms. Sullivan's Grade 2 and Mrs. Dickson’s Grade 1 classes went out to plant our tulip garden. It was a cool and sunny morning with a temperature of 6C. Before we planted the tulip bulbs, we went through the checklist to make sure it was a good spot to plant.

Posted: September 19, 2016

The K-2 classes held their annual Grandparents Tea on Friday September 16th. There was a great turnout of grandparents, parents and other guests. The students did a fabulous job of presenting poems and songs for their grandparents. As well the grandparents enjoyed a snack and then spent some time visiting with their grandchild in their classes and meeting their teachers.

It was a great day and we want to thank eveyone for attending!

Posted: September 19, 2016

Our annual Meet The Teacher evening will take place on Thursday September 22nd, beginning at 5:00 pm. We will start in the cafeteria, where you can find out about our school, activities and other information. After that we will move outside where the Home and School will be putting on a BBQ. You can purchase a hotdog and a drink for a total of $1.00. There will also be a jumping castle.

During the evening you will also be able to place orders for school clothing.

We hope to see everyone there!

Posted: February 28, 2016

Due to the storm day on Thursday, we have extended the collection of pledge money until Monday February 29th. Please note that all pledge money is due on this date. Students please due your best to have your money in. Thank you for your help with this fundraiser.

Posted: February 23, 2016

A reminder to all students that all money for the Spell-A-Thon is due back on Friday February 26th. The Spell-A-Thon's were held in each class on Thursday February 18th. The corrected tests and pledge sheets were sent home on Monday February 22nd, so students could collect the money they were pledged. Any student who has all their money returned on Friday will recieve a treat and their name will go in for a prize draw on that day.

Posted: January 15, 2016

Cali Crossman in Grade 4T and Madelyn Woods in 5S recently captured the Gold Medal in the Girls Atom A division of the West Kent tournmant in which over 75 teams participated.  The girls play for the Miramichi Atom Panthers and Nelson Rural is proud of our student athletes.

Posted: May 13, 2015

Minister's Award for Excellence in Teaching Guidelines and Nomination Form for 2014-2015 is attached below. Deadline is May 29, 2015.

Posted: March 29, 2015

Mango Mania – Nutrition Month 2015: Eating 9 to 5!  Week 3 MANGO and the ASD-N Healthy Learners Team are promoting healthy eating during Nutrition Month. Give your brain a boost with dietitians’ top 10 smart snacks to pack in your lunch bag. Read more for nutritious snacks ideas… Smart snacks are rich in nutrients, with carbohydrates to fuel your brain, fibre to fill you up and protein to help energy last longer. Pack these top 10 dietitian-recommended snacks in your lunch bag: 1. Whole grain crackers with a hard-boiled egg 2. Handful of grapes with a chunk of cheese

Posted: March 22, 2015

Mango Mania – Nutrition Month 2015: Eating 9 to 5!  Week 2 MANGO and the ASD-N Healthy Learners Team are promoting healthy eating during Nutrition Month. Bored with the same old sandwich? Think outside the lunch box! Reinvent dinner leftovers. Read more to learn about some shortcuts to quick, healthy & delicious lunches… Packing lunch is a healthy and budget-friendly habit. Keep it interesting! Reinvent tonight’s leftovers into tomorrow’s lunch with these three tasty ideas: 1. Leftover chicken or turkey + avocado + cheese + baby kale + tortilla = scrumptious southwestern wrap.


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