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Posted: May 31, 2010

8H-8M Language Arts 1. Due Wednesday: (1) Josh's diary entry p.144 Q2                                    (2) Character sketch (paragraph form-Josh or Shane) 2. Review sheet on figurative language to complete (Tues.)   7H-7M Language Arts 1. Get Novel notebook ready!     -Title page     -history of Oak Island     -Character trait chart for Robin 2. Newspaper article-are you prewriting? getting ideas down? 3. Metaphor and personification sheets (get these completed)  

Posted: May 27, 2010

  Grade 8H-8M FIELD TRIP!  7:30 am Bus leaves Nelson    Remember: *$$$$$ ($4.50 + $ supper at MacDonald's)                     *Packed Lunch and snacks                     *Sneakers! (and change of socks/footwear)                     *Hoodie/sweater/jacket                     *water bottle?                     *sunscreen/bug repellent?                     *Park pass (if your teacher doesn't have it)                     *CAMERA (if you have one to use)     

Posted: May 25, 2010

MEMO-re: health classes sent home today     Also, still waiting for: -PERMISSION slips for trip to The Rocks -YEARBOOK payment ($20) -Gr. 8 Banquet-no. of guests (max 2)     8H-8M Language Arts 1. (8H) Novel test Wednesday     (8M) Novel test Thursday   7H-7M Language Arts 1. Novel test Wednesday 2. All chapter questions completed for Thursday      

Posted: May 20, 2010

MEMO (Permission slip)  -sent home today re: Grade 8 Trip to Hopewell Rocks and Fundy National Park, Friday, May 28th -students must be at school by 7:30 am (May 28th)-will return by 6:00pm - see memo for particulars about costs/dress/lunch etc.   YEARBOOK -$20   Grade 8 Banquet (memo) sent home Wednesday May 19th -banquet June 17th (2 guests per student)   7H-7M Language Arts 1. Quiz on Novel (comprehension of storyline) 2. Notebook check on Friday (have chapter work to Chpt 15 completed)

Posted: May 17, 2010

8H-8M Language Arts 1. Complete the 3 exercises assigned as classwork today (quotation marks) 2. Novel test on Friday (Chpt. 1-20) Comprehension 3. Chapter work to Chapter 8   8H-8M Social Studies 1. (8H) Response and review (writing due Tuesday!) see previous posting 2. (8M) Read poem- what is the message? Write it on the poem sheet.   7H-7M Language Arts 1. Novel test on Friday 2. Chapter work 9-11 completed in class today. 3. Review of figures of speech (in class activity tomorrow)  

Posted: May 14, 2010

8H-8M Language Arts 1. Quiz Monday Ch. 14-17 2. Final copy of dialogue (Josh/principal) due Mon. 3. Questions Ch. 5-8 (including draft of diary) due Tues.   8H-8M Social Studies 1. Read "Racism" p. 86-89 2. (8M) quiz (the one for Thurs. that we missed) 3. (8H) Final copy response (poem) and review (film) due Mon. or Tues.   7H-7M Language Arts 1. All chapter work up to and including Ch.8 must be completed for Monday.     This was begun Thursday and two full classes were devoted to getting this done! 2. Novel must be completely read for Monday.   7M Social Studies 1. see last postings  

Posted: May 13, 2010

Relay for Life - tickets to be returned?   8H-8M Language Arts 1. Read to Chpt. 20 for Monday 2. Q#2 Dialogue (draft) will be revised in class Friday 3. Lesson 11-types of sentences (review sheet) 4. Look over notes on quotation marks (given today)   7H-7M Language Arts 1. Novel (reading) must be completed by Monday 2. Chapters 1and 2 Questions to be completed for next class 3. Review terminology notes: anything you are unsure of, ask about in class tomorrow!   8H-8M Social Studies 1. (8M) Quiz on terms Read to p.87 2. (8H) Film: "A Place at the Table" -write review (see assignment sheet).              Poem "I, Too"  -write response (see assignment sheet)   7H Social Studies 1. Newspaper articles on aspects of the economy (collected at school using daily paper) 2. Review notes to date and be reviewing chapter work (p.42-59) 3. Check that your unit work is up-to-date, and that your notebook is in order!

Posted: May 12, 2010

8H-8M Language Arts 1. Complete Ch. 5 Q. 1, Ch. 6 Q.1,2,3 2. Read to Ch. 16 for Thursday   7H-7M Language Arts 1. Complete Ch.1 and 2 questions 2. Have novel completed by Monday!   8H-8M Social Studies 1. (8M) quiz on terms p.82-83 2. (8H) Response to "I, Too" (see assignment sheet)              Film review of "A Place At the Table" (see assignment sheet)    

Posted: May 10, 2010

Realay for Life tickets-have them returned   MANGO memo sent home today.      8H-8M Language Arts 1. (8H) Quiz Chpt. 7-12 2. (8H-8M) p. 142 Questions Chpt. 4 Q. 1,2,3 and Writing Q.#2 (Dialogue using quotation marks)   7H-7M Language Arts 1. Read note on Oak Island Mystery and identify Oak Island on the map. 2. Continue reading to Chpt. 15   8H-8M Social Studies 1. (8M) Complete the assignment: Terms p. 82-83, Questions p.82 Q. 1,2,3 and Read to p. 87 2. (8H) Group work to resume next class.   7M Social Studies 1. Group work next class     Each group has 5-10 clippings about the economy (scissors,markers)       

Posted: May 5, 2010

 MEMO "Relay for Life" - tickets on a Family Basket  (sent home today)    No school Thursday and Friday (teacher meetings)     8H-8M Language Arts 1. Four days to READ!!!! Novel Quiz on Chpt.1-6 Monday 2. Assignment p. 140-141 Chpt. 1-3 (see assigned questions)   7H-7M Language Arts 1. Four days to READ!!!!     Must complete to p. 64 (end of Chpt.12 by Monday) 2. "READING at NOON" - today only two students took advantage of my reading the novel chapters aloud. 3. Assigned work on "Buccaneers" and poem "Don Durk" must be completed 4. "Pirate Talk" sheet/crossword is not homework.   7M, 8H-8M Social Studies- see previous postings