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Posted: November 2, 2015


Mon, Nov 9/15 8:00 pm
Please come out and join us for our Remembrance Day ceremony at 10:00 am in our gym. The boys and girls are encouraged to wear their Brownies, Girl Guides or  Beavers or Scouts uniforms.

Posted: November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween everyone! We sure had a nice night for trick or treating.  We are starting a healthy eating unit for You and Your World this month so be sure to choose wisely about what snacks we will be bringing with us to school.  Also a reminder that Halloween snacks must be peanut free as we have many students with allergies.    We just completed our first round of talking to our pen pals in Dallas Texas.  Each week onThursdays we Skype with our buddies.  Every time we speak with them we discuss the weather for the week, any exciting events that are happening with our school and just check in to see what is going on.  So you can ask your son or daughter what is happening with their buddies from time to time. Also we just mailed out our first pen pal letters to them and will soon be receiving letters from them as well.  Remembrance Day is soon upon us and we are asking that each student bring in a small donation to help support this cause.     Donations for the food drive are always welcome. This is a great lesson to help our students know that they can make a difference right here in their very own community with such a small gift. Continue to send in any donations up until December. Thanks for your support!  Homework is important as it helps keep the lines of communication between home and school open and it also helps to keep a close eye on learning.  If there is any trouble with homework please let me know as it is usually a review of what we covered in class.  Each night it is important to read so that we can get extra practise to improve our reading skills like fluency and comprehension.  This week we have 12 spelling words as it is a review week.  Study hard to make sure we do a good job on Friday! In Math we are still working on counting money and recognizing the values and names of each coin.  We are still learning how to count in a variety of ways, knowing if a number is odd or even and our newest concept is learning about Ordinal numbers.  Please try to help everyone get practise at home, especially with counting money as it seems to be harder to learn as our students don't handle money very often and do not have much experience with it.  Have a great week everyone and remember to enjoy school and work hard.

Posted: October 30, 2015

Today on October 30th we meet with our grade 5 Buddies and worked together on a Halloween Scavenger Hunt. We learned many new and interesting facts and we had fun doing it with our buddies too.Our next visit with our Buddies will be on Nov 19th when we go skating with them.

Posted: October 19, 2015

Posted: October 19, 2015

Check out the students planting tulips in our garden for our year long project we do with many schools around the world in our image gallery on the right side of this web page near the bottom.
This week we will be having a full week of classes. In the morning it is very chilly so please come to school with warm clothes as it is usually even cooler down by the river too.     In Math this week we will continue to count in a variety of ways from 0-100 forward and backwards.  We will use the number line and 100 chart to do this. Also we have learned last week about odd and even numbers and still need a bit of work in this area as well.  This week we will learn about money. The students need to know the name of each coin, the value of the coins and how to count money too. If you can work on this at home it will be a BIG help as it is usually a harder concept for them as they don't see money very often. THANKS!   We have been working hard on writing pen pal letters to Texas. We will have our third weekly Skype session on Thursday this week with our Buddies from Dallas, Texas.  They have warmer temperatures than we do and they didn't get snow on the weekend for sure. They were wondering if we were going to get snow and we told them we would let them know this week when we spoke with them.    Also we planted 49 Red Emperor Tulips last week at school as part of our learning experience with Texas and the rest of the world.  We will check on our tulip garden from time to time to see what we can observe and record the changes we see.  Texas told us that they didn't plant their tulips yet but they will soon put them in the freezer to fool them into thinking they are planted in the cold ground and later in January they will plant theirs in the ground too. I wonder who's tulips will bloom first?  Have a great week at school everyone and I can't wait to see what wonderful things we can accomplish this week!!
More Math that can be done at home. Read and see what we will be covering over the next couple of months.
 Picture retakes are this Thursday. If your child wants to have their pictures retaken please send in a note saying so. Thanks!    Our Library time is on Friday. So please bring back your book on Thursday so that you will not forget it at home. You can only get out a book if last weeks book comes back.   This week we have two math sheets. One is on number lines and the other one is on the 100th chart. Also we have a writing sheet to do with fall. It is very important that we start with a capital letter and end with proper punctuation. Again remember to stay on topic as well.  Finally we have our 10 spelling words and our Borrow a Book which needs to be read each night and recorded on the yellow sheet.  Again this week we will be Skyping with our pen pals from Texas. We will do this each week on Thursdays.  We look at such things as our weather so we can see the difference in temperatures and we also let them know what is happening at our school for the week as well. It is a lot of fun for sure!!!  This week we might get out to plant our tulips and that will be fun to share with them as well.   This week in math we will continue to work on counting in a variety of ways. We now know how to count by 1's, 2's 5's and 10's.  We will also be learning how to count by twos starting with an odd number and counting by 10's starting at any number.  For example counting by 10's starting at 4 looks and sounds like this:  4  14  24  34 44 54  64  74  84  94  104.  We also will continue to count using numberline and our 100th charts.  Finally we will learn the new concept of odd and even numbers.  Odd numbers end with the one's digit being a 1  3   5  7  9   and the even digits in the one's place end in numbers like:  0  2  4  6  8 . Video announcements are on the main page of our school's web page and the Primary Corner (K-2) announcements are posted on Wednesdays for all to watch.  This week it will be two students from our room.   Well we sure had a lot to share this week. Tune in again next week to see what is going on in our room.    

Posted: October 13, 2015

We are learning how to count by 2's 5's and 10's in different ways forward and backwards. I have added a few games that your child can use to help them learn how to do it. Check them out.

Posted: October 13, 2015

Counting by 5's


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