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Posted: October 21, 2009

IMPORTANT!   Memo sent home today requires a signed response                            by Oct. 23rd, this Friday!                            Re: H1N1 vaccinations Oct. 27th   7H-7M Language Arts (Assessments completed today!) 1. (7M) Complete Lesson 61 and Lesson 63,              Review subject/predicate note. 2. (7H) Have assignment on hypen,semicolons and colons completed. 3. Read 15-20 mins or more each night!   8H-8M Language Arts 1. Assignment begun in class, "Autumn", must be completed 2. Read 20 mins or more each night!   8H-8M Social Studies 1. Have all assignments up-to-date, notebook check!  

Posted: October 20, 2009

Grade 7 Writing Assessment  Writing II on Wednesday- last test for assessment   8H-8M Social Studies 1. (8H) Get quiz signed 2. (8M) Prepare for a quiz on physical and cultural features. 3. Complete the assignment on topographic maps p.10-11     See note from board -questions 1-3

Posted: October 19, 2009

    2 MEMOS sent home today -H1N1 vaccination info night                                                                          -"the Teenage Brain" session                                       at JMH 6-8pm Oct. 20th   8H-8M Language Arts 1. Read each night! 2. Check Frisday's assignment ("Tell the World")and be sure it is complete.     8H-8M Social Studies 1. (8M) Moday's lesson on topographic maps to be completed. 2. Review notes periodically, unit test coming up next week! Date to be     assigned by THURSDAY. (8H and 8M)   7H Language Arts Writing Assessment Tuesday -all students must be present.    

Posted: October 16, 2009

 Two MEMOS sent home today!     *Home and School registration (Nelson Rural School)      *Provincial Assessment brochure   8H-8M Language Arts 1.  (8H) Read p.22-24 "Tell the World"  (text)     List your concerns about the world     Complete assignment from class p.25 Q 2-3 2. (8M) draft of personal narrative     Found poem to be collected Monday   7H-7M Language Arts PROVINCIAL ASSESSMENTS Monday -Wednesday next week                                                        Attendance is important!! 1. Prepare your best draft to be submitted on Monday. 2. Review notes on poetry and figures of speech.    

Posted: October 15, 2009

7H-7M Language Arts 1. Complete draft of personal narrative (revise what you may already have,     using what we did in class today, as a guideline) 2. Poem "Rain" -read it and consider the subject, purpose, speaker, message?   8H-8M Language Arts and Social Studies  -refer to yesterday's homework page. 

Posted: October 14, 2009

8H-8M Language Arts 1. Final copy of found poem due on unlined paper (tomorrow) 2. Complete the in class assignment p.21 Q1-5 (text)   8H-8M Social Studies 1. Refer to yesterday's home work posting for Soc.St.   7H Language Arts 1. Students have been reviewing concepts,skills in class in preparation for the     Provincial Literacy Assessment which will take place Mon.-Wed.,     next week (Oct. 19-21) 2. A package of completed work will be sent home soon.  

Posted: October 13, 2009

8H-8M Language Arts 1. Found poem draft -ready to be read? 2. (8M) Read "K2: Dreams vs Reality" p.16-20 text   8H-8M Social Studies 1. Always be prepared to be quizzed on work from last class! 2. (8H) Complete work with satellite image      p.8 Questions 1 (a)(b), 2, 3 (a) (b) (c) (use computer to find a map)   7H Language Arts 1. Read and keep track of the books using the reading log! 2. Review notes on terms, and add to your list of your Writing Territories  

Posted: October 7, 2009

MEMO sent home on "Threat Assessment"   Reminder: No school Thursday Oct. 8  (Curriculum Days)                                             Friday Oct.9                                             Monday Oct. 12th Thanksgiving   8H-8M Language Arts 1. Have a draft for a found poem from "My Hero", completed for Monday 2. Read 20 minutes each day/night   8H-8M Social Studies 1. Always review notes, and work from last  class. Be prepared for a quiz.   7H-7M Language Arts 1. Read at least 20 minutes a day! 2. Have writing territories ready to use! (Should be at least a page of ideas listed)

Posted: October 6, 2009

8H-8M Language Arts 1. "My Hero" p.10-13 text ; Select words and phrases that help us understand      how Katie feels about Thursdays.   8H-8M Social Studies 1. Review the content from last class-be prepared each class for a QUIZ! 2. p.8 Physical/cultural features?   7H-7M Language Arts 1. In the poem "The River", find examples of figures of speech. 2. Cursive writing assignment due! (7H)   7M Social Studies 1. main ideas assignment- look at last SS homework.

Posted: October 5, 2009

8H-8M Language Arts 1. Writing territories-complete a list (at least 1/2 page of ideas with a "so what"      factor) Refer to sheet to help get ideas.   8H-8M Social Studies 1. Always review notes from last class, and be prepared for a quiz.   7H -7M Language Arts 1. Complete review, p.3 of today's packet, on similies. 2. (7M) complete writing territories list from this morning. Refer to the sheet on      ideas.