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Welcome to Kindergarten where learning is FUN!

Some very special moments,made with some very special children, during a very special year.It will be a year to remember but,thankfully we have many memories and wonderrful friendships to cherish.

Posted: June 17, 2020

Parents can pick up report cards on Friday, June 19th,from 9-12 and 1-3pm.Teachers will be st up in the gym at individual tables. Parents are to come in the main door and go to the gym and then leave by the exit the Grades 3-5 wing.

Where did the time go? It seems like yesterday you were in Kindergarten.It is hard to believe this woderful group of students are ready to leave Nelson Rural for the halls of JMH. I am very proud of you all and wish you good luck at high school. Be true to yourself and follow your dreams...

Posted: June 14, 2020

Blake will be celebrating his 6th birthday in August. We wish this wonderful little guy a very Happy Birthday and hope you have a day filled with fun. Love your Kindergarten friends, Mrs.Alward & Mrs.Sullivan-Goguen

Posted: June 14, 2020

This sweet little girl is celebrating her 6th birthday today. Happy,Happy, Birthday, Jazlyn!!! We hope you have a wonderful day. Love your Kindergarten friends, Mrs. Alward & Mrs. Sullivan-Goguen!

Posted: June 13, 2020

This sweet little girl is celebrating her 6th birthday today. Happy,happy,birthday, Leah!! We hope you have a fantastic day. Love your, Kindergarten Friends, Mrs. Alward & Mrs. Sullivan-Goguen.

I hope you like this cute story titled, "What Dad's Can't Do". The story is told by a Dad's little son, who seems to think his Dad can't do a lot of things without some help from him. Enjoy!

Posted: June 10, 2020

Arabella did a great job solving the third secret message.She did a nice job writing about what she loved to do in Kindergarten. She did a lovely job and put a lot of effort in writing and illustrating her book,All About Me.

Posted: June 8, 2020

Damon celebrated his birthday earlier this month.We hope you had a fantastic day. Happy,Happy 6th Birthday, Damon, from your Kindergarten friends, Mrs.Alward & Mrs.Sullivan-Goguen.

Mrs. Poole and I want you to try bowling this week. It is a fun way to make combinations for 10. You can use 10 recycable items for pins and any ball you have at home. There is also a sheet on our page you can use to write your combinations. We had a lot of fun with the activity and I hope you will too!!!


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Making 10 Bowling- Mrs. Poole & Mrs. Sullivan-Goguen
Story Time-How Have I Grown? By Mary Reid, illustrated by John Speirs, read with permission from Scholastic
Franklin's Neighbourhood-by Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark, Read with permission from Kids Can Press