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Christmas Joy....

Posted: April 21, 2020

Coby Lynch is an Earth Day Superhero!! :) He has been busy completing several of this week's activities!! He made the egg carton tree, and pinecone feeder. He helped his Dad clean up branches and he found a tiny, empty nest for his diorama. Coby's recycled feeder has been attracting blackbirds and blue jays. :) During a walk with his family, he practised skipping rocks into our beautiful river (he beat his record of 3 skips). On top of all this, you may have noticed that the tooth fairy was called to his house! Way to go, Coby!! Keep on hugging trees!! :) :)

Posted: April 20, 2020

Ava decided to make a bird house instead of a bird feeder. Great job, Ava! The birds will be safe from the wind and rain, and will have a safe place to nest! :) P.S. Thanks to Ava's Dad, who helped too! ;)

There are 3 things you must do every day:

1. Read

2. Spend time outside

3. Hug a tree



1. Recycled Art- make an egg carton tree. You need a piece of cardboard, an empty egg carton, paint/markers. Draw the trunk of the tree on the cardboard, cut up and paint/colour the 12 sections of the egg carton. Glue the flat part of each section onto the cardboard to create the body/leaves of the tree. Look up egg carton tree online to see images.

2. Spend time with your family cleaning up your yard/property. There may be garbage to pick up, dead branches to haul away, decks to sweep off.....

3. Get help to find a recipe for plain (white) muffins. Prepare batter. Once the batter is ready, pour equal amounts into 3 bowls. Using green (for land) and blue (for water) food colouring, mix the green into 1 bowl and the blue into the other 2 bowls. Using fractions, this shows us that 1/3 of Earth is land, and 2/3 is water! Now into the muffin tins...1 scoop of green and 2 scoops of blue in each hole. Enjoy! Yummy!

4. Go online and listen to "Earth friendly" books- Something from Nothing by Phoebe Gilman, and The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

5. Suncatchers- you need coffee filters, and green and blue food colouring. Place a piece of plastic wrap/wax paper on counter. Place a coffee filter on top. Now 1 quirt of green (1/3 land), then 2 quirts of blue (2/3 water). Repeat until filter is covered. Let dry and put in window. So pretty!

6. Finding Perimeter. Remember, perimeter is the distance around a shape. Get a long piece of string/yarn/dental floss. Go outside and wrap it around a tree. Hold your fingers at the spot where the string meets. Now get help to measure the string in cm. What is the perimeter of the tree? Is there another tree with the same perimeter? Another item in the yard with the same perimeter?

7. Clean out a closet and/or a drawer. Are there items that can be recycled? Clothes that can be given to someone else? Clothes that are worn out can be cut up for rags. Don't forget to cut the buttons off worn out clothes- great for crafts!!

8. Sit with your family and make a two-part list....on one side of the paper list things that you and your family do to help the Earth, on the other side list a few things you can get better at, or begin to do. Post on fridge as a reminder to everyone.....

9. Make a diorama using stuff you collect from your yard. Twigs, bark, moss and tiny rocks are a few things you can use. Look online to see a variety of dioramas. An old shoebox works best but other cardboard will do. Make whatever type of diorama you want. Add in some small toys/trinkets. Have Fun! Be creative!!

10. Go outside and find a pinecone. Tie a long string around the pinecone, leaving a long piece of string at both ends. Now put honey or peanut butter on the cone, and roll in bird seed/vegetable scraps. Tie onto a tree. The birds will love you! :)

*send photos of any projects you'd like to share on our teacher page.


Posted: April 20, 2020

Good morning, everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying the bright, sunny morning. Make sure to look at the short video of Baby Billy waving to us- it will put a smile on your face! :) As you know, Wednesday, April 22nd., is Earth Day. In fact, it is the 50th. anniversary of Earth Day. This week people of all ages in 121 countries around the world will do things to help our planet have a better future. It is very important that we be a part of this, so this week's home learning will include 10 Earth Day activities/projects. Pick what you like! Have Fun! Stay Safe!


Ms. Hackett :)

Posted: April 19, 2020

Baby Billy's mom, Fawn, sent us this sweet video. He sure has grown a lot! We miss you too, Billy!

Posted: April 13, 2020

Calleigh and Emma worked on this cool project, called SIGNS OF SPRING. As you can see the bear has come out of hibernation! Although he may have gone back in after Friday's storm!! Way to go, girls!! So creative!! :)

Read- 20 minutes daily

Writing/Word Work- The following short story has 12 mistakes. Find the mistakes, rewrite it correctly and practise reading it aloud.


                                        My Fish Tank

I have a really cool fish tank with lots of excitin things in side. Their is guppies, tetras, and a tiny shark inside. Also, their are three snail that climb up the glass walls. They eate the green algae and keep the tank clean  A frog named flipper also live in the tank, but he usually hide under the rocks. It's fun to watch all of the different creatures in mi tank. 


Challenge#1- Write a few sentences about your weekend. Include a few mistakes. Challenge someone to find them. 

Challenge#2- Write 2 sentences using there (is a place- not here but there) and 2 sentences using their (ownership- their home, their dog).


Math- Another dice game- Circles and Stars- You will need a die and paper/pencil. The first player rolls the die and draws that many circles on their page. They roll a second time and draw that many stars inside each circle. How many total? Record the answer. Player 2 follows the same steps. At the end of 10 turns, the player with the most stars is the winner.

Challenge- Use 2 dice!! Use repeated addition if it's a larger fact that you don't know yet. 

3D shapes- Go on a scavenger hunt in your home/yard/neighbourhood. Try and find 5 of each of the following: cylinder, cone, sphere, pyramid, rectangular prism and cube. Make a list. 

Telling Time- Continue telling time at home. Do what we did in class. Every once in awhile look at an analog or digital clock. Ask yourself: What time is it now? What time will it be in 30 minutes? What time was it 20 minutes ago?


Science- Now that we are well into spring, more and more birds will be coming into our yards. I've seen crows and tiny brown birds. The brown birds are about the same size as chickadees. I looked up images of similiar birds, and I think they may be sparrows. 

Your challenge is to create a bird feeder with items from around your home. If you are able to get bird seed that's great. If not, treat the birds to scrap vegetables, leftover baked potatoes, old fruit and/or bits of bread. It's ok if the food is stale/wilted but make sure it's not moldy. Mold will make the birds sick. :( Get help to chop the food up into tiny pieces. Take a picture of your feeder (hopefully with birds at it), and email it to me for my teacher page. :)


Just for fun! is a great site. Jokes to make you laugh, great fun activities, hidden pictures (which I know you love), and much more....take a look.

Posted: April 13, 2020

Good morning, everyone!

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! The big snowstorm on Good Friday was a bit of a surprise! I bet a lot of you went outside and made the last snowman of 2020! The next post will be your home learning for the week. As we roll along with this new way of learning, I want to remind you that at any time you can go back and do, or redo, something from a previous week. This especially applies to games and sites. Have a great week! I guess we have some rain coming. I'll be phoning later in the week, but don't hesitate to email me should you need anything.

Take care! Stay safe!


Ms. Hackett

Posted: April 7, 2020

Congratulations on winning February's District Math Challenge!! :) You did a great job working in teams to create 3D snow shapes. Luckily, we were able to open and use stuff from our basket before school closed. :)

Posted: April 7, 2020

Great job on our Art/Math project, 3/4H! Your symmetrical mittens are fabulous! Take a close look at the photo and you'll see our analog clock. What time did I take the picture?


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