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Posted: September 22, 2009

Welcome Back to Nelson Rural School.   This year in my room we have 19 students.  There are 11 boys and 9 girls.  The names of all the students are Sarah, Josh.D, Paige, Rob, Ben, Hailey, Jacob, MacKenzie, Lee, Braden, Hayden, Laura, Josh.J, Thomas, Alexis, Kayla, Alex, Adrian and Morgan.  Oh, we can't forget to mention our classroom mascot whose name is Ginger.  Please make sure to tell mom and dad that some time this year they will be having a weekend guest, so they can prepare for Ginger.  So let's all work hard to make sure that we have a terrific year!

Posted: September 22, 2009

Today on Sept 22/09 we were lucky enough to jump on bus 64 (Jodi's Bus).  She taught us about School Bus Safety.  We learned all about the routines and rules of how to ride a bus safely.  We even practised how to exit from the back of the bus in case of an emergency.  Boy was that ever fun!  Also we practised how to cross in front of the bus safely too.  The entire class had a great learning experience, so thanks Jodi.  After we returned to class we reviewed the rules and routines by watching this site  Now you too can go over the safe procedures for School Bus Safety with your child at home too. 


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