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Posted: June 7, 2020

Good morning Grade 4!

This will be our final week of home learning. I am so happy that we were able to connect virtually while we were unable to be at school and it was great talking to you and your parents on the phone.   It was nice to see many of you working hard on the activities, spending time outdoors and continuing your learning even though we were unable to be in our classroom.  

Watch for a post with regards to report cards and when they may be picked up.  

I hope each of you has a safe and fun summer with your families and that we will see each other in the fall.

Love, Mrs. Tozer

Posted: May 31, 2020

Week 9 - Home Learning:

Hello again, Grade 4!  Well, our home learning is winding down for this school year.  This is our second last week of activities.  I am very proud of all the hard work you have been doing and love the pictures, videos and messages you are sending me each week to my email and on our Facebook page.   Keep up the super work.

Starting tomorrow, I will be at school for the next three weeks. I would love it if you were there too, and I will miss each of you. I will be working to complete your Term 2 reports and we will keep you updated on when they will be ready.  Check out this page often for any updates.  

I got several names to order yearbooks and will be sure to do that this week.  The money is not due until you return in September and receive your yearbook.  Email me at if you still want to order one.  Orders will be finalized tomorrow (Monday, June 1st)

Enjoy your week, and remember to stay safe. 


Mrs. Tozer

Posted: May 26, 2020

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Posted: May 24, 2020

Week 8 - Home Learning:

Another week of home learning is attached below. Many of you have been working so hard and I am really proud of all the work you are doing. If you can this week, please try to attempt some of the activities.  Remember to read, read, read, and to practise your multiplication facts.  Get outside and do some of your activities in the fresh air if you can.  Our last week of Home Learning will be posted on June 8th for the week of June 8th to 12th.

Although I miss each and every one of you, it has been really nice to chat with you on the phone and to see your messages and great work posted to our Facebook Page!

Keep up the super work!  Have an awesome week!

Love, Mrs. Tozer


Posted: May 18, 2020

Good morning, Grade 4.

Another week of home learning is here!  I am so happy with the comments and pictures you are sending me. It is always nice to open my mail or go on our Facebook page and see something from you!  Keep up the super work!

Remember to read  this week, practise your multiplication facts and log into Dreambox and complete a few lessons. These things are so important when you begin your next school year.  Try to get outside and get lots of exercise and fresh air.  I think we are going to have a nice, sunny week ahead!

Check out the district website at:  and click on the Home Learning tab to see some of the pictures you have sent me!  Check often for new updates for Home Learning on this website.

Happy Victoria Day and remember to stay safe.

Miss you all! 

Love, Mrs Tozer

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Posted: May 10, 2020

Welcome to Week 6 of Home Learning!

It is so nice to see all the work you have been doing and continuing to post on our Facebook page.  For those of you having trouble logging into our page the sign in is:  If you still haven't logged into Dreambox, the school code is knjs/8s78 and the classroom code when prompted to enter it, is 37302.  If you are still having trouble accessing, please email me at  I am so proud of many of you, who are working so hard on your Dreambox lessons.  Keep up the super work in Math!

I miss each of you and hope you are enjoying the home learning activities each week.  If there are any questions/concerns, please have your parents email me at the address above and I would be happy to give them a call.

Below you will see attachments for this week's home learning pages, a Choice Board for Reading, Writing and Math activities, our weekly STEAM issue, and two more sites which have great activities to keep you busy this week and into the next few weeks.  You will not be able to complete everything, and are not expected to. These activities are being posted so you will be able to have fun and work on activities while you are unable to be at school.  Have fun with them, and don't forget to take a break, get outside and get some exercise and fresh air.   :)

I would like to say a special "thank you" to Ms. Wallace for all her help since January in our classroom and with preparing the home learning activities for our teacher page since we have been unable to be at school.  Please send her off an email or a little thank you note or picture on our Facebook page for all her help and tell her how much you will miss her.  Thank you, Ms. Wallace.  We will all miss you so much but we know we will see you teaching in Nelson next year!  

Enjoy your week and stay safe!

Love, Mrs. Tozer

Website for grade-levelled Reading, Writing, Math activities:






It is hard to believe we are already on Week 5 of Home Learning. 

Thank you for all the nice emails and pictures you are sending me and posting on our Facebook page to let me know how you are keeping busy.  I enjoy receiving them and it has been so nice talking to you and your parents each week during our phone calls!  

Keep up the super work with your home learning and be sure to get outside and gets lots of fresh air and exercise when the weather is nice.  Since a few of you have been fishing, I have attached a reading comprehension activity below about fishing!  :)

Hope you enjoy this week's activities.  You can email me with any questions:


Posted: April 28, 2020

A couple more useful links:

This is a great website, and I have attached two others below.

Posted: April 27, 2020

Good morning, Grade 4!

I hope everyone had a fantastic week and enjoyed the beautiful sun this weekend! 

It is so nice to see you checking out our Home Learning each week and having fun with the activities. Our Facebook Page- Mrs. Tozer's Grade 4 - is going very well.  It is so nice to see all your pictures of how you are keeping busy. 

Below you will find the links to some learning activities for this week!  Have fun, and remember to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise! 

I miss each and every one of you very much!




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