Mrs. Tozer - Archived 09/2020


Posted: April 10, 2020


Good morning Grade 4!  Welcome to Week 1 of Home Learning!  I really miss each of you, but am so happy that we are able to connect this way. 

Each Monday starting today, I will be posting a few activities for you to do.  You don't have to do everything, but it would be nice if you worked on a few activities to help you get ready for when we come back to school.  

My email, if you want to send me a little note with perhaps a few pictures of what you are doing to keep busy, is below.  If Mom or Dad have any questions, they can also reach me at this email address:

I am posting a couple of websites along with this week's activities.

ART CHALLENGE:  I know how some of you LOVE the step-by-step art videos, so I am adding a link for you to draw me a picture of the Easter Bunny.  Have someone take a picture of you holding the picture you drew and I will put them on our page for all your friends to enjoy!  Have fun.