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Posted: June 7, 2010

6W Homeroom Survivor Permission Slips and $3.00 Read 15 minutes Math page 171 question 5, page 173 question 1,2 Science find a habitat for a girafe, lion, hippo, penguin and zebra                   camo picture due French - exam on Friday     6P Science Review notes   7H Social Studies Residential School research due  Thursday   7H Science Experiment write up due Thursday   7/8 Civics Journals due Wednesday   7/8 Science Review notes   8H Science Reflections due tomorrow   Good luck to the boy's softball team who play their District finals tonight at Doyle Field!

Posted: May 19, 2010

Homeroom   Relay for Life tickets are due TOMORROW Read 15 minutes Math page 148 question 1, page 158 question 1 LA- quiz signed   6P Science Quiz tomorrow on Electricity Study notes and diagrams   7H Social Studies Debate on Louis Riel   8H Science Tomorrow is the last day to work on the experiment in class Bring all needed supplies   7/8 Civics watch the news and write down the headlines for Tuesday   Have a great night!   Miss Murray

Posted: May 17, 2010

6M Homeroom   Read 15 minutes French- finish first half of sheet   6P Science Internet Research sheet is due Wednesday   7H Science Wave descriptions   7/8M Science Homewater testing did not go as planned.  A lot of people forgot their water,  Wednesday we will continue with the tests.   Tests to be signed Tutorial Wednesday, rewrite Friday.   8H Science Tomorrow you will be doing your water movement experiments Remember to bring in any supplies you may need,   Have a great night!!   Miss Murray

Posted: May 14, 2010

6M Homeroom Relay for Life Read 15 minutes Math finish 1st page of sheet Science- study notes     6P Science Finish research sheet Here is the link for electricity   7H Science Review notes on waves   7/8M Science Home water testing on Monday   8H Science Prepare for experiment     HAVE A GREAT WEEKENDMISS MURRAY

Posted: May 13, 2010

6M Homeroom Relay for Life Tickets!! Math - page 155 question 1          - test signed Read 15 minutes LA- 6 questions SS- title page for chapter 1 and project Music- test signed   6P Science Review notes so far   7H Social Studies Louis Riel research   7H Science starting into new unit   7/8M Science River sampling went well today Remember that Friday is test your water from home day! Be sure to come and get a bottle from me to use.   8H Science TOmorrow we will be starting into an exploration for Water Units   Have a GREAT night!   Miss Murray

Posted: May 11, 2010

6M Homeroom Homework Newsletter gone home today Read 15 minutes Math page 153 question 6 SS - title page due Thursday & hertiage fair project Wellness Survey   6P Science Working on Electricity   7H Science Starting new unit on Water Systems   7H Social Studies research on Louis Riel, be ready to start a debate   7/8M Science still waiting on abstracts from people Water sampling tomorrow, dress warm   8H Science Look over notes on tides, currents, ocean currents, you never know when I will throw a pop quiz at you!   Have a great night!  Good luck to the boy's softball team!   Miss Murray

Posted: May 4, 2010

6M Homeroom Homework Read 15 minutes Wellness Survey Tickets for the Relay for Life Newsletter Science - test tomorrow on planets Math - page 132 questions 3, 4, 5games Music - quiz on string family French - study notes on monsters   7/8M Science Water Testing tomorrow with Mr Waye!!   7H Science quiz on Monday   Have a great night!! Miss Murray

Posted: May 3, 2010

6M Homeroom Homework Bring in Wellness Survey Permission Slip French - study notes on Monsters Math - page 152 questions 1b, 3 Science - test Wednesday   6P Science Read Lesson 4   7H Science Chapter quiz on Monday for Pressure in Fluids   7H Social Studies Read page 165-167 Questions "Think it Through" on page 167 - map was provided today.  Use different colours to represent different symbols   7/8M Science Tomorrow - research assigned water test; to be discussed at the beginning of Civics class Wednesday - Have your abstract/project idea paragraph ready to be handed in at the beginning of class   8H Science Go over notes on Oceans and Seas from today You never know when a pop quiz might appear on these   Have a great evening!! ~ Miss Murray

Posted: April 29, 2010

Homeroom Homework LA - Read 15 minutes      - test on the writing process   Science - report due tomorrow             - test next Friday   6P Science Complete Worksheet   7H Science Finish with presentations Start review of Pressure chapter   7H SS Finish questions/notes/reading for Monday (page 160-164)    

Posted: April 27, 2010

6M Homeroom Homework Bring in Wellness Survey Permission slip! Math page 134 questions 2,4,5 Science - draft copy of project due                crossword puzzle due Thursday Social Studies - copy chart on page 147 LA - read 15 minutes       test signed       test tomorrow on writing process   6P Science Presentations due tomorrow!   7/8M Science Test tomorrow   8H Science test Thursday

Posted: April 26, 2010

6M Homeroom Homework Read 15 minutes Science - crossword due on Thursday Art - pictures due tomorrow Math - test Friday              page 133 question 1 Please bring in your signed permission slip for the Wellness Survey   6P Science Electrical Safety projects due on Wednesday   7H Science Presentations will continue this week, please make sure you ahve everything ready before you are called upon Quiz will be next week Get quiz signed Re-write is Wednesday, tutorial was today at lunch   7H Social Studies Essay was due today Bring Empowerment text to class Thursday Return Mik'maq book   7/8m Science Quiz on Wednesday   8H Science Review of Pressure in Fluids chapter tomorrow Quiz Thursday
6M Homeroom Homework LA- Read 15 minutes      Spelling Test Math - Page 123 questions 1-3 SS - Page 143 questions 1-3 Dance tonight! 630-830    $5 admission OR $4 with a recycable donation   6P Science Work on Commercial/Brochure/Poster for Electricity Safety These will be due next Wednesday Moon Phase re-write tomorrow at lunch for those with whom I spoke to earlier!  Remember, you have to bring your original test with you to get in.   7H Science Presentations start tomorrow!!!    7H Social Studies Final copy of your essay on First Nations and empowerment is due on Monday!   7/8M Science Starting a review of chapter 6 on Pressure in Fluids tomorrow Test next week   8H Science Presentations will wrap up on Monday Review will start of chapter and test will be next week     Have a great night and see you tonight! Wear your best dancing shoes!   ~Miss Murray

Posted: April 21, 2010

6M Homeroom Homework Read 15 minutes Math page 121 questions on last column in "Explore"and 6 questions under Social Studies - cover page and questions 1-5 on page 138 Jump Rope for Heart forms Dance tomorrow night 630-830  $5 admission OR $4 with a recyclable item   6P Science Electricity Project starts tomorrow in your groups Earth Day presentation   7H Science Tomorrow will make a rubric together for the assessment Presentations will start tomorrow if time permits   7H Social Studies We will be finishing typing out our Empowerment essay and start conferencing tomorrow   7/8M Science Projects are FINISHED Remember to get to me your 3 questions from your group to make your test We will be doing a review on Friday and NEXT WEEK will be your test!!   Don't forget to wear Green tomorrow! Happy Earth Day!   ~ Miss Murray   8H Science We will finish up the presentations tomorrow in class

Posted: April 20, 2010

6M Homeroom Homework Read 15 minutes LA - test tomorrow on writing process Math - page 137 questions 11 and 12 Social Studies - page 138 questions 1-5                      - chapter 5 title page   6P Science Brainstorm ideas for Electrical safety commercial   7H Science Presentations on Pressure in Fluids due on Thursday   7H Social Studies Edit essay on Empowerment over First Nations   7/8M Science Finish presentations on Pressure in Fluids Review chapter   8H Science Finish Presentations on Pressure in FLuids   Have a great night!!   Miss Murray

Posted: April 16, 2010

6W Homeroom Homework Read 15 minutes Math - find area Art - finish drawing for Tuesday SS- get test signed   6P Science Title Page to passed in for Wednesday! Think of ideas for Electricty safety ad.                          it can be a TV commercial/brochure/poster/poem...   7H Science Presentations on Pressure in Fluids will be next week! Keep up the great work with those! You are all doing very well with these   7H Social Studies Edits on First Nations Empowerment essay due for MOnday   7H Civics Journal for Tuesday....10 entries are to due Story on your favourite NB place is also to be handed in   7/8M Science Presentations will resume on Monday Great work so far!   8H Science Presentations will resume on Monday So far, so good.  Remember you and your peers put a lot into this presentation, be respectful to each other when presenting!   Have a Wonderful Weekend!!! See you Monday!   Miss Murray