Grade 2 News - March 18 - March 22

Posted: March 17, 2019

Hi Everyone!!

I hope you had a fun weekend! Please make sure you are dressed for the weather. With the temperatures getting higher and the snow melting it would be a good idea to keep extra socks and mittens in your bookbag.

Phys.Ed - Our Phys. Ed days this week are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Library - Our library day is on Tuesday. Make sure you bring your book back so you can sign out another one.

Homework/Borrow-A-Book - The homework for the week is listed in the orange folders. Our spelling words this week focus on two part words and /er/ endings. The word work activity is using these words too. In math we are using a calendar page to answer questions and using a pictograph to collect data and answer questions. Please make sure that you are reading each night and recording your book on the log sheet.

No School - Just a reminder that there is no school for students on Friday March 22, 2019 as it is a PLD for teachers.

100th Day of School - We celebrated our 100th Day of school on March 11th. We had lots of fun and did a lot of activities throughout the week around the number 100. We worked together with the K-2 students to try and collect 100 items for the Food Bank. We counted them together and we got 136 items. Thanks for your support with this activity. Our K-2 classes made a quilt of hearts entitled 100 Reasons Why We Love Our School! It is on the wall outside the Kindergarten classes, so stop by to see it if you get a chance. In our class we read 100 books together, brought in our 100 collections, made 100 Day posters, wrote as many words as we could using the words one hundred, made a castle together with 100 blocks and counted to 100 in different ways.

Have a super week!