Home Learning- Week of June 8th.-12th.

Posted: June 8, 2020

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June 8th. is NATIONAL BEST FRIENDS DAY. Write your best friend a letter telling them the reasons they are special to you.


Write to me! I promise to write back!! My address:

Ms. Hackett

1847 Hwy.118

Doyle's Brook, N.B.

E9E 2H8




1. Bob creates this number pattern:

Start at 1 and add 6 each time.

Bill creates this number pattern:

Start at 3 and add 7 each time.

What number will be in both patterns?


2. Do you know anyone who has lived for close to 1000 days?


3. Sally read for 30 minutes every day for 2 full weeks (14 days). At the end of the 2 weeks, has Sally read for more than 6 hours?


Social Studies:

Compare (things that are similar) and contrast (things that are different).

Make a compare and contrast list of 10 things you think about when you hear city (urban) and country (rural).