Home Learning- Week of April 13th.-17th.

Posted: April 13, 2020

Read- 20 minutes daily

Writing/Word Work- The following short story has 12 mistakes. Find the mistakes, rewrite it correctly and practise reading it aloud.


                                        My Fish Tank

I have a really cool fish tank with lots of excitin things in side. Their is guppies, tetras, and a tiny shark inside. Also, their are three snail that climb up the glass walls. They eate the green algae and keep the tank clean  A frog named flipper also live in the tank, but he usually hide under the rocks. It's fun to watch all of the different creatures in mi tank. 


Challenge#1- Write a few sentences about your weekend. Include a few mistakes. Challenge someone to find them. 

Challenge#2- Write 2 sentences using there (is a place- not here but there) and 2 sentences using their (ownership- their home, their dog).


Math- Another dice game- Circles and Stars- You will need a die and paper/pencil. The first player rolls the die and draws that many circles on their page. They roll a second time and draw that many stars inside each circle. How many total? Record the answer. Player 2 follows the same steps. At the end of 10 turns, the player with the most stars is the winner.

Challenge- Use 2 dice!! Use repeated addition if it's a larger fact that you don't know yet. 

3D shapes- Go on a scavenger hunt in your home/yard/neighbourhood. Try and find 5 of each of the following: cylinder, cone, sphere, pyramid, rectangular prism and cube. Make a list. 

Telling Time- Continue telling time at home. Do what we did in class. Every once in awhile look at an analog or digital clock. Ask yourself: What time is it now? What time will it be in 30 minutes? What time was it 20 minutes ago?


Science- Now that we are well into spring, more and more birds will be coming into our yards. I've seen crows and tiny brown birds. The brown birds are about the same size as chickadees. I looked up images of similiar birds, and I think they may be sparrows. 

Your challenge is to create a bird feeder with items from around your home. If you are able to get bird seed that's great. If not, treat the birds to scrap vegetables, leftover baked potatoes, old fruit and/or bits of bread. It's ok if the food is stale/wilted but make sure it's not moldy. Mold will make the birds sick. :( Get help to chop the food up into tiny pieces. Take a picture of your feeder (hopefully with birds at it), and email it to me for my teacher page. :)


Just for fun!

www.highlightskids.com is a great site. Jokes to make you laugh, great fun activities, hidden pictures (which I know you love), and much more....take a look.