Good Morning, 3/4H!

Posted: May 25, 2020

Good Morning Class!

It's a beautiful, sunny morning in Doyle's Brook. The birds are chirping! The hummingbirds have arrived! I hope everyone gets outside and enjoys the day!

Thanks to everyone who sent a "jellybean jar" guess. As you know there were 50 jellybeans in the referent, and 230 in the large jar!!

Mr. Coby Lynch had the closest estimate with a guess of 153. Ms. Calleigh Cuthbert had the second closest estimate with a guess of 150. Way to go, Coby and Calleigh!! :) Your jellybeans will be delivered this week!!

There will be 3 posts following this note. Continue to work hard! You are doing great! I miss you! Take care!


Ms. Hackett :)