Kinder Korner News ~ Nov. 13- 17

Posted: November 13, 2023

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a relaxing day with your family. We have a four day week ahead of us and it is going to be cooler this week , so please bundle up and pack some extra mittens just in case.

Homework- Some children are continuing to read the ABC tracing book. It is important to follow the arrows so the children are tracing the letters properley and recognize each letter\sound. Please focus on those letters\sounds your child does not know yet.There will be a new letter\sound fluency page in the homework folder again this week. Be sure to colour the happy face each time your child reads the letters. See if they can read them quickly. Also, please circle any letters  your child does not recognize.Remember to record each night what your child reads, even the letter fluency page and please have your child print their own name on the sheet each time they read. Please do not record library books or books that you have read from home. This week the children have a book called "Who Am I? to read each night. Be sure to have them point to each word and stop reading at the period. See if they can follow the pattern of the story, "I am a ...." Can they figure out unknown words by saying the beginning letter sound and sounding out the rest of the word.


Phys. Ed-This week we have phys.ed classes Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Please dress in comfortable clothes, wear a t-shirt, sweat pants.   

Library- Please remember to return your book on Thursday so that you will be able to sign out a new book. If you forget your book on Thursday, please bring it the next day.

Book Orders will be going home this week on Wednesday and are due Tuesday, Nov.20th. You can place your order online at Scholastic Canada. Please use our classroom code found on the first page of the book order, the number is RC244367.

Don't forget to bring your water bottle everyday.

The New Brunswick Student Welllness and Education Survey was sent home last week. Please take some time to fill this survey out online.There is a code on the information sheet that was sent home. If you have any questions please contact the school, 627-4074. Thanks!

Let's have an awesome week as we work and play together.Smile, be kind and listen to each other.

Mrs. Sullivan-Goguen :)