Kinder Korner News June 10th-14th~

Posted: June 9, 2024

Hi there! I hope you had a fun weekeknd, despite the rainy weather.This week we have some fun events planned, starting with our class field trip to the Bowling Alley and Dairy Queen for lunch, on Monday June 10th.It should be a lot of fun as we are excited to join our friends in Mrs. Pooles Kindergarten Class.   

Homework- This week read your 2 books throughout the week.Point to the words, look for sight words,use the picture for cues and sound out the unknown words. Sign your reading log each time you read the book.

Timelines- A timeline page will be sent home this week to be filled out and returned by next Thursday, June 20th. You are asked to share 3 pictures ( birth, 2-3years old and now) of your child on the timeline. Please talk to your child about what they were like at each age. Did they have a favourite stuffy or a favourite song, book, show when they were young? What was their first word? Did they like\dislike a certain food?etc. Write a little note to go with each picture, but please be sure that your child knows what the picture is about as they will be presenting their timelines to the class. Send your time lines in as you complete them and I will return it to you! This is always a fun activity to end our year with. It's neat to see how much your little ones have changed since they were babies. Thanks and have fun travelling down memory lane with your little one.

 Phys.Ed-We have phys.ed classes everyday but, Thursday. Please dress in comfortable clothing and remember to wear your sneakers no crocs or sandals, as we will be going outside for class when the weather is nice.

Student Appreciation Day- Our Home and School will sponsor a day of fun on Friday, June 14th to show our Raiders how much they appreciated at Nelson Rural! More details will follow this week!

Remember to bring your water bottle to school each day.

HAPPY FATHERS DAY- A huge thank you to all of our Dads and Grandfathers for everthing you do for us. We hope you have a wonderful Fathers Day ! WE LOVE YOU!

We are in for a super fun week Kinders, so Smile, Smile, Smile and please be kind to each other!!

Mrs. Sullivan-Goguen :)