Grade 7 Reminders

Posted: March 17, 2017

Hello Grade 7. Here is your homework for the weekend:

Soc. Studies- Achieving Responsible Colonial Government. 10 questions are to be completed in full sentence form. This is due for MONDAY MARCH 20th 2017.

Math- No Math homework this weekend.

Science- P. 221 Questions 1-5. Make sure these are finished for Monday's class. Also keep the STEM Fair projects in mind.

L. Arts- See Mrs. Murphy's Page for Details.

French- You need to start using your imagination and come up with a really cool invention that has a social impact ( how it benefits people)  including what we would do if this object had not been invented.  I will present a "modèle" next week but let's see if you wheels of creativity can get cranking and come up with something.

That is is for homework. Have a great weekend everyone and we will see you on Monday morning.