Grade 7 Reminders

Posted: March 13, 2017

Hello Gr. 7. Here is your homework for tonight:

Homeroom Business: Tomorrow is the final deadline to bring in money for the school fundraiser.

You are going snow shoeing tomorrow first period. Please wear a hat and mittens.

Lots of homework tonight. No time for video games, cell phones or tv shows!

FRENCH- For your Grande Invention: find the name of the inventor, their occupation, their native country and the date of the invention.  ie:  Le  -------- à été inventé par un ingénieur français, Jean Beaudoin le 2 mai, 1890.

Math-  pp. 131-132 questions 2,  3  and  4

Science- STEM Fair projects.

L. Arts- Check Mrs. Murphy's page. I think some of you have to finish a writing assignment.

That is it for tonight. Have a great evening everyone. We will see you tomorrow. We also would like to bid adieu to Damian and wish his family good luck as they move to a new city.