Grade 7 Reminders

Posted: June 15, 2017

Hello Grade 7. Here is your homework for tonight:

Homeroom Business: Swimming tomorrow morning at MVHS pool. Bring your own towel and your bathing suit. You will return to Nelson for regular lunchtime so you will need to bring a lunch.

Dance- Tonight at 7:30pm. cost $5.00. Please do not arrive early as we are doing special things for the grade 8 class up until 7:30pm. You will have your big moment next year. (where is the time going?)

Math- Make sure all worksheets due to Mrs. Haché are complete.

L. Arts- Same thing. Make sure all assignments are complete.

French- Finish the draft Biography of a famous Canadian for Monday.

That is it for tonight.Have a great evening everyone. Hope to see you all at the dance tonight.