Grade 6H Music

Posted: May 21, 2020

Hey, good-morning everyone. Looks like summer temperatures in store for us today- I hope everyone had a chance to look over the orchestra videos I assigned on Tuesday. I look at the orchestra much the same as creating a painting or a putting together all pieces of a puzzle; each part is necessary to the overall vision- but it is the final product that is the real joy. Here is a story about a boy, Farkle McBride. His parents want desperately for their son to learn to play an instrument. They provide him several different options, but Farkle just doesn't seem to have success with any of these instruments. We discover at the end of the story, as did little George (or HM!) that he doesn't want to focus on one specific instrument; he would instead prefer to  be the conductor of an orchestra. In a way being the conductor is a perfect role because you get to stand in front and appreciate the blending of sounds from each family of instruments.

The story was written by the actor, Jonathan Lithgow. Your parents may remember him as the lead actor in a tv series "Third Rock from the Sun". You students, will recognize his voice as that of Lord Farquaad in the "SHREK" movie. Although I have this book in the music room, I prefer to show the video version of the book. You will hear the author, Jonathan Lithgow, narrate the story with an orchestra accompanying in the background. Having the orchestral accompaniment really adds the perfect touch to the story. I am confident you will recognize all of the instruments and enjoy the story of "The Remarkable Farkle McBride." Enjoy! Here is another version of the same story. I put it here just so you could see Jonathan Lithgow.