Grade 6H Music

Posted: April 28, 2020

Here are videos demonstrating the first two keyboard instruments we are studying as part of our orchestra unit: the clavichord and the celesta. Have a look and a listen.

Clavichord- Super old instrument. Invented in the 1400's. It sounds like a string instrument. Can you figure out why? Here is a sample of this instrument: You may recognize this piece of music as "Greensleeves" or a popular Christmas carol "What Child is This"

Celesta- The celesta was invented in the 1800's. This video is neat because you can see the hammer action when keys are being played. Here are two really famous pieces of music on celesta that you will recognize:This first one is from Tchaikovsky's ballet-The Nutracker; Dance of the Sugar Plumb Fairy..   The next one is from the Harry Potter movie; Hedwig's Theme?