le 29 avril

Posted: April 29, 2019

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  • Où se cache l'oeuf?

  • les parties d'une plante – If they did not finish drawing and labeling a picture of a flower they are to finish it for homework.

  • Les sons - Mademoiselle Allain


    faits de math addition

    0 - 4 fois tables


    Problem du jour - fait ton corrections – I expect that students write out their corrections 10X each. Keep in mind that many of the facts were repeated today so they will not need to do them more than once. They had 10 minutes to complete this in class which should have been enough time. As a rule of thumb they should be able to give the answer in about 3 seconds.

    finis le poème – We did not get to this today sot hey will be unable to finish it!

    signe le quiz et fais ton correction


    Don’t forget there is no school for students on Thursday or Friday of this week.

    Students have a memo in their agendas.