le 15 avril

Posted: April 15, 2019

Tomorrow is twin day. Twins do not need to be in the same class.


We have started a science unit on plants. The reading passage they have is difficult but we read it several times this afternoon and discussed it for comprehension. We will practice it again in class tomorrow and the more they see and use the vocabulary in different contexts the easier it will get.


Students have high frequency words in their reading journal which they should be practicing nightly. As in English students need to know these words at a glance to be able to read fluently.


We have started the 3X tables today. Students should be studying the 0-2X tables and practice counting by 3’s to 36.


Again students should be making corrections in their problem of the day scribbler and all problems in that duo-tang should be completed with an equation and the answer in a sentence.  




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