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Posted: April 12, 2019



Just a reminder that taking notes and copying from the board is an important skill to practice. I expect that if your child does not have their homework all down that they do it as part of their homework.

Quizzes are meant to help me and you to understand what your child is able to do on their own and where they need more practice. I will return to concepts we have already covered from time to time to see what the children have retained and will provide extra practice and time working on the skills for those who need it.


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  • Où se cache l'oeuf?


    faits de math addition

    zéro, un et deux fois tables


    histoire de paire - image

    Problem du jour - fait ton corrections

    signe le quiz et fais ton correction

    Feuille de défi pour la lecture (reading challenge sheet, students are bringing home a second sheet in case they lost the first one)