le 1 avril

Posted: April 1, 2019

We played a dice game in math this afternoon doing repeated addition and relating it to multiplication. It would be great if your child would play a few rounds at home and explain it to you.

It is expected that your child will bring home the same practice books multiple times to read to help improve fluency. One of the most common errors they are continuing to make is pronouncing the final constantans on words. As a general rule of thumb the only constantans that are pronounces are c, r, f & l. Many students are having a problem with the <s>.

If your child has added sheets in their reading journal they should be practicing what is on them on a nightly bases. (sight words and/or alphabet)

As we move into the final term of grade 3 I will be putting more emphasis on presentation and neatness of work so you may also see the occasional piece of work come home that says "Prends ton temps et décis-les encore." This simply means take your time and do it again.


lire et partager

  • 3 livres

  • écriture

  • vocabulaire (when students are reviewing vocabulary it is important that they use the articles, le, la, les, l' when applicable)


    faits de math addition et zéro fois tables (addition and 0X tables)

    signe et corrige

    le quiz


    probléme de jour (They do not have a new one today. Students may have some corrections to do or need to work on their problems a little more. The last few are examples of students questions. As in English all sentences must start with a capital and end with punctuation.)