November 2021-Home Learning

Posted: November 4, 2021

Hello everyone!  I hope everyone is doing well. I believe all of you are members of my private FB group-Grade 1 Moar but I will also be uploading some content on my teacher page as well.  

Thursday November 4th:


Reading-read for 15 min. This may include reading your borrowed books from school or reading one from home. Username:nblib


-Pick a book of your choice and listen to the read aloud.  After the story is finished do the comprehension quiz or just discuss the story with a family member. What was your favourite part? Who were the characters/main characters? What is the setting/where did the story take place?

Writing- My Favourite Season

Try using the 5 finger rule that we use in class

-Start with a good beginning that will hook the reader. Use a question, a sound effect or an interesting fact about your topic.

-Add 3 supporting details about the season that you picked. Why is it your favourite? What do you do like to do during that season? What changes occur?

-Conclusion- wrap up your writing, let the reader know that you are finished. Ex: That is why I choose Fall as my favourite season.


Practice counting forwards and backwards 0-20, 20-0

Play "Guess My Number"!! You can use the number chart in your learning packet to help/for guidance

-What # is 1 more/less than 12?

-What # is 1 more/less than 17

-what # is 2 more/less than 15?

-what # is 2 more/less than 11?


Enjoy some outside time!!! It's a beautiful day with lots of sunshine.  Play Hopscotch, make your own Snakes & Ladders board (1-30), practice writing your sight words in the dirt or use sidewalk chalk.