Les devoirs (Homework) 15-19 janvier, 2017

Posted: January 14, 2018

Les devoirs: Homework for this week: 

  1. Students are to read their sound poem Ginette Girafe each night this week and practice the sound "g (j)" (There is a video uploaded on the teacher page)
  2. Students are to practice reading the words sent home with the poem as well.
  3. Practice the Alphabet  and numbers 1-50 each night (Video clip on teacher page) There are also others on youtube.
  4. New french books will be sent home each Monday. Please allow students to read the book aloud. They can colour one star on their bookmark by the end of the week, if they can read it atleast 4 times fluently.
  5. Any work not completed in class may be sent home to finish such as math sheets, word of the day.
  6. Skating schedule is up as well.