21-25 septembre, 2020

Posted: September 21, 2020

Bon lundi tout le monde! 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!! 

Here is the homework for the week: 

  1. Reading: Read their new french book once each night. This is their first french book that they can take home and they bring it back to school on Friday! We have been working on saying how old we are, so this book fits right in! If they are having trouble pronouncing any of the words, they can listen to the song on my teacher page to help them. We also went over different ways to help us read, such as following with our finger to each word, looking at the picture first, and sounding it out. Have fun! 
  2. Permission slips went home for our Fletcher Farm trip, please sign and return to school. $2.00 for trip, and the school will be paying the rest. 
  3. Sound of the week: We are working on our first sound of the week "A". I put the sound poem on my teacher page, they can sing along with it. 
  4. Zorbit Math: Students are to log in to Zorbit math 2 times per week and work on numbers and patterns. They created a pattern today and they are to bring it back to school to hang on our math wall! 
  5. Bring Library book back on Thursday 
  • Bus evacuation: We will be having a practice bus evacuation on Thursday.

Have a wonderful week! 

Mme Hitchman