1er année

Posted: September 16, 2020

I have sent home a couple forms in the home folder, so please check the yellow folders. 

I will also be uploading some songs on my teacher page that students are working on in class. Students are encouraged to watch the videos and sing along! :) 

Tomorrow I will be sending home a form for the "Fire Chief for a day" contest along with a sheet for students to draw a fire safety evacuation plan with their parents. The contest is voluntary and can be sent back into me, or you can send it in yourself. The email on the form is misspelled however, it is fire.marshal@gnb.ca   

We will be having a practice fire drill on Friday here at school and are learning about fire safety this week. They will be bringing a book home with them today that they worked on for their numbers. They are not expected to be able to read all the words, but to practice reading their numbers in the book. :) 


Mme Hitchman