HOMEWORK Wednesday February 9th

Posted: February 9, 2011

Grade 8 Baby Pictures : don't forget to bring these in    BOOK ORDERS (January) are being sent this Friday   SPELL-A-THON: Return pledge sheets by Feb. 15th     8H-8M Language Arts 1. Complete the prefix-suffix exercise (8H)     (8M) silent "e" rule -find words in your list 2. Defining Moments unit-notebook check        (8M) Thursday   (8H) Friday 3. Review the story "The Rink" for next class   7H-7M Language Arts 1. (7H) FastForword is ending this week 2. Study the spell-a-thon list each night (if you are unsure about your list,     or if you have not received a list, see me!) 3. Accelerated Reader - students should be testing on at least two books /month!     Updates will be sent home by next week.   8H-8M Social Studies 1. Reading topographic maps (six-digit-codes) p.11 Q1and2 for next class   7M Social Studies 1. Have questions p.42-43 (see sheet) completed