HOMEWORK September 28 Monday

Posted: September 28, 2009

Terry Fox Walk on Friday, now. Please remember to bring in donations 8H, not much collected so far from this class  :(   8H-8M Language Arts 1. Complete a draft character sketch of Jesse's dad for Wednesday     (outline was given and a draft was modeled in class today)   8H Social Studies 1. Review for quiz next class- continents, oceans, coordinates, longitude,     latitude etc..refer to your notes!   8M Social Studies 1. Get quiz signed. 2. Complete the assignment we were working on in class today:      p.4 questions 1,2,3 at the top of the page      p. 5 define GPS      p.7 complete questions 1,2,3   7 M Social Studies 1. Read p.4-8 Remember to use the Active reading strategy (R-C-R-C     (identify the topic of each paragraph)     Be prepared to answer general questions about what you have read.   7H-7M Language Arts 1. Review notes on figurative and literal language.     Be prepared to give examples 2. Study the terms simile and metaphor (see notes)