HOMEWORK May 25th Wednesday

Posted: May 25, 2011

8H-8M Language Arts 1. Novel Unit  Cowboys Don't Cry begun yesterday (books in baggies) 2. Novel must be read by June 9th (AR testing)    (16 days-20 chapters -at least two chapters per day-LOTS of time!!) 3. (8M)-Complete working with the poem using the strategy sheet   7M Language Arts 1. Begin novel today The Hand of Robin Squires 2. Poetry review "The Pirate Don Dirk of Dowdee"     -complete working with the poem following the strategy sheet 3. Novel must be completed for June 9th-AR testing      Read every night and every class reading period-   7H Language Arts 1. Complete K-W-L Chart for pirates 2. Read the poem "Pirate Don Dirk of Dowdee" and     complete each part of the strategy sheet.