Grade 8B Learning at Home with Mr. B –Week 2: April 13-17

Posted: April 13, 2020

There is an Office web link on the right hand side of this Teacher Page under Pages.

**Special Note to Parents/Guardians: The reading, writing and speaking  curriculum activities for your child on this page are all suggestions for how they can continue to build on literacy skills. I realize as a parent myself that these are stressful times, and that I can’t be there as their teacher to help each student like in a classroom. Please allow them to do what they can and reach out to me by email (listed on my Teacher Page) if you have any questions.

Please email me if students are having a difficulty with usernames or passwords.  Also, they can use loose leaf (take photos of), Notes apps on their phone, their phones, ipads, computers, whatever is the least amount of stress to write. If students can’t send me their favorite writing of the week through Microsoft Office  with either email or through Teams that is ok. Only if it is possible.

Take care and stay Safe

Part A: Reading: There is a critical thinking reading challenge of various websites this week.

 (Links for online books are under Weblinks on this page too)

Free Online Reading Choices are: (The Links are also on Weblinks on my Teacher Page) 

1.     NB Public Library site (if students have a library card for e books and audio books) 



NB E Library the department EECD has for schools at   

2.    (Use your school computer user name and log in – may need to type nbss\ before your user name.)

**When you get to the page you search for school as New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development


3.    Audible (Audio Books)  - Scroll to the bottom of the home page and there is button on how Kids/Teens can listen to books for free.   There are books to teen reading.

Reading Expectation:  8B 30 minutes a day  (more if you wish, reading is also for enjoyment and an escape to get your mind off the world).

·       This week continue with an individual reading of a book of your choice.

·       Record notes on interesting, exciting, and what you feel are important parts of your book- Record in either a binder, duotang, on a Notes App on your  cell phone, an ipad/tablet, lap top, or what ever works best for you.

** Part of your 30 minute a day Reading this Week Can be the Website Evaluation Challenge- Reliable Sourcesfound on Mr. Bosma’s main Teacher Page and under documents on his page (The lower documents in red font on the page). Refresh our skills of determining what websites are reliable and accurate using checklists provided for you under the red document tab on Mr. Bosma’s page.

·       Is this a Hoax? PDF checklist

·       Website Credibility PDF checklist

Please type and hold the ctrl key and then left click on each website link and use the Website Credibility and Is this a Hoax? Checklists (under documents) to chose whether each site is Credible (reliable, real facts etc) or Nor Credible/Reliable. 

Also, remember to write in your reasons why you made your choice. (This would come from your checklists) 

** You have technology issues and this activity is not possible please email me. Also, don’t be stressed about it as we can’t control all things technology.


Part B     Writing Expectations this Week (Tuesday – Friday): 

** Choose to write the best method and easiest method for writing –

Either a: Duotang/binder with paper, Notes on your cell phone, ipad, computer, what ever is the least stressful to you – Just try to save it.

Capturing this Time in History

I suggest that you start writing every day in an attempt to capture this history in any way you would like. I’ve listed some suggestions below, but feel free to come up with your own ideas. ** Share your favorite piece of writing with Mr. Bosma on Thursday by going to Office 365 through with Microsoft Teams or through your Email (if you can, don’t worry if that is not possible it is ok).

 (Choose, or your own topic, to write about 3 to 4 topics for this week. Take a photo, or type in and either email or put in Teams your favorite piece of writing this week)


·       Please find Persuasive Strategies for Success sheet(PDF) under Mr. Bosma’s teacher page documents for your writing this week.

Persuasive Skill Writing Topics

·       Real Heroes:  Who are some everyday heroes that we are now noticing in our communities during this event – Hospital workers, first responders, grocery store workers, Food delivery and other businesses, and all other essential workers. Are they not more important than You Tube and Tik Tok stars? Be Persuasive.

·        Importance of Social Media Now: Mr. Bosma always says we are to stuck on our phones and social media, but be persuasive and please explain why social media video chats, face time etc. is so important now.


·       Social media video chats: In this time of staying away from each other, millions of people are video chatting. There is Face Time, Messenger, Zoom, and House Party to name a few apps. Persuasively explain what video chat app do you like and use the most and why. (Support your answer) .

·       Audio Book persuasive promo – If you had the time to get one of the free audio book downloads, or if you now have the time listen to a good podcast, please write a strongly persuasive written review/promo about why a book or podcast is great, or not.

·       Choose your own persuasive topics to write.


** Take 10 minutes to write and 5 minutes to Revise/Edit each day.

** Remember when revising/editing to use STAR – Substitute better words, Take out what is not needed, Add words, sentences, or punctuation, Rearrange your writing.

*** Don’t get stressed about daily writing – email or through Microsoft Teams ask Mr. B questions. I will be checking in.


Please post ( if you want to, you don’t have to) your favorite one piece of writing this week wither on your Class  Microsoft Team’s page called 8B (All we Do is Win) for all to see, or email it too me if you can. There is no need for extra stress at this time if that is not possible. It is ok.

You can also ask questions to Mr. Bosma on the Microsoft Teams page.

Miss all of you in my amazing 8B homeroom

Sincerely, Mr. Bosma