Grade 7P and 7H Class Work and Updates

Posted: April 26, 2016

The past two days in Grade 7P and 7H: (Silent Sustained Reading and response - 15 minutes each day)

  • We reviewed introductions and organizing our thoughts for writing speech, presentation notes and spoken word poems.
  • We analyzed the various speaking srategies of Rigged Game Slam Poetry video.
  • We learned a lesson on how to introduce your speech/presentation
  • We learned how to use cue cards and how to use point form.
  • We worked on developing introduction, body paragraphs/stanzas, and conclusions for speeches, spoken word poems and presentations.
  • Students competing in the middle school speak out contest are to be ready for Thursday. (April 28th)

Homework/Reminders:  Read 30 minutes, log and respond. Work on memorizing speech/spoken word poem/or presentation notes.