Grade 6H and 6Y Learning at Home with Mr. B – Week 3: April 19-24

Posted: April 20, 2020


There is an Office web link on the right hand side of this Teacher Page under Pages.

Hello everyone, hope you had a nice weekend with your families. Also, remember 6H and 6Y  have Microsoft Teams for Mr. Bosma on Office 365. You can ask questions by posting on the Teams ongoing conversations too.

This week you can continue reading your own book, e book or audio book and take notes for a future book promo.

In writing some new persuasive writing topic ideas

Part A: Reading

If you have books or kindles (e readers) at home that is great.

If not, see the below free online e book and audio book links:

Free Online Reading Choices are: (The Links are also on Weblinks on my Teacher Page) 

Reading Expectation: 6H 30 minutes a day and 6Yake 20 minutes(as you also have reading for F.I. Language Arts. Red more if you wish, reading is also for enjoyment and an escape to get your mind off the world.

·       This week grade 6s read a book of your choice.

·       **Attention Students in 6 Yake. If you have your biography book home, you can continue to collect notes about your biography, but if you don’t that is ok, you don’t have to. There is a PDF document under Mr. Bosma’s documents on this page to remind what to write down if you have your biography.

·       Record notes on interesting, exciting, and what you feel are important parts of your book- Record in either a binder, duotang, on a Notes App on your  cell phone, an ipad/tablet, lap top, or what ever works best for you.

·       Just like your reading responses this year you can write down:

I wonder….. If I were that character…. I can see a clear picture of….I feel sorry for…..Wow that was amazing because….I think or predict that……




Part B     Writing Expectations this Week (Monday – Friday): 

** Choose to write the best method and easiest method for writing –

Either a: Duotang/binder with paper, Notes on your cell phone, ipad, computer, what ever is the least stressful to you – Just try to save it.

(Choose, or your own topic, to write about 3 to 4 topics for this week. Take a photo, or type in and either email or put in Teams your favorite piece of writing this week)


·      Please find Persuasive Strategies for Success sheet(PDF) under Mr. Bosma’s teacher page documents for your writing this week.

Persuasive Skill Writing Topics

·       Tik Tok:  Since all the physical distancing and quarantine occurred, it seems adults and teachers have gone all in on Tik Tok. You may even find Mr. Bosma on it at some time this week.  So, the persuasive question to write about is, Due to the fact adults and teachers are now all over Tik Tok, is the trend and cool factor over?

·       What are you grateful for these days?  With a lot of time spent home these days, what have you found yourself being grateful/thankful for more lately? Explain by being persuasive to let your audience know why it matters.

·       Real Heroes:  Who are some everyday heroes that we are now noticing in our communities during this event – Hospital workers, first responders, grocery store workers, Food delivery and other businesses, and all other essential workers. Are they not more important than You Tube and Tik Tok stars? Be Persuasive.

·       Choose your own persuasive topics to write.



** Take 10 minutes to write and 5 minutes to Revise/Edit each day.

** Remember when revising/editing to use STAR – Substitute better words, Take out what is not needed, Add words, sentences, or punctuation, Rearrange your writing.

*** Don’t get stressed about daily writing – email or through Microsoft Teams ask Mr. B questions. I will be checking in.