6H and 6Y Learning at home with Mr. B April 27 to May 1st

Posted: April 27, 2020

There is an Office web link and Mr. Bosma’s email address for questions on the right hand side of this Teacher Page under Pages.

Hello everyone, hope you had a nice weekend with your families. Also, remember 6H and 6Y  have Microsoft Teams for Mr. Bosma on Office 365. You can ask questions by posting on the Teams ongoing conversations too. This week I have added something new for reading which I will have a video explaining later. Also, in writing there are some more quick write topics, but also this week a brainstorm and focus for a mini-persuasive essay ideas sheet to work on (I will give examples).

Remember to keep your brain and body moving and keep healthy.


Mr. B

Part A: Reading

If you have books or kindles (e readers) at home that is great.

If not, see the below free online e book and audio books under web links on this teacher page.

Reading Expectation: 6H 30 minutes a day and 6Yake 20 minutes a day(as you also have reading for F.I. Language Arts. Read more if you wish, reading is also for enjoyment and an escape to get your mind off the world.

·       New this Week: Grade 6 Book Promo: As you read your individual book read the PDF Grade 6 Book Promo document under the red tab documents on this teacher page. It will explain to take down notes as you read about exiting and interesting parts, characters, setting (when and where) and why you like or think of the book. Mr. Bosma will explain more in a video in the days to come.

·       Recording notes on interesting, exciting, and what you feel are important parts of your book- Record in either a binder, duotang, on a Notes App on your  cell phone, an ipad/tablet, lap top, or what ever works best for you.


 Part B     Writing Expectations this Week (Monday – Friday): 

** Choose to write the best method and easiest method for writing –

Either a: Duotang/binder with paper, Notes on your cell phone, ipad, computer, Word on Office 365 or what ever is the least stressful to you – Just try to save it.

Gr. 6 Argument Topic and 3 Main Ideas: You will see a PDF document with this title under Mr. Bosma’s documents (red tab top of page). Read the instructions and listen to Mr. Video to grade 6s to come to help explain. Send it to Mr. Bosma for feedback by the end of Friday, and email him any questions.


(Choose, or your own topic, to write about 2  topics for this week.  Get your Argument Topic and 3 Main Ideas sheet done and sent first, then you can Take a photo, or type in and either email or put in Teams your 1 favorite piece of writing this week)


·      Please find Persuasive Strategies for Success sheet(PDF) under Mr. Bosma’s teacher page documents for your writing this week.

Persuasive Skill Writing Topics

·        Your Bubble: Recently the New Brunswick government declared families could pick one other family to meet up with during these quarantine safety measures. While for many it easy to pick grandparents etc, if you were able to pick other two other people to be in your bubble how would you decide? Be persuasive, but not mean, in what would be your “In my bubble” requirements for these chosen few people.” Have fun.

·       Following the Rules: Even with some safety restrictions changed a little to allow one new family to be near you, social distancing for protecting us still remains. Not all adult New Brunswickers have been following this. Explain from a middle school students head how you feel when adults break rules, and you get in trouble for breaking school rules. Be persuasive and explain if all people (no matter age) should follow the rules the same?

·       Movie/Series or Game Review:  Write a Persuasive Review about why a  specific movie, show series or video game is fantastic and worth checking out. Use your persuasive strategies for success PDF (documents) to help you explain why it is so great.

·       Choose your own persuasive topics to write.


** Take 10 minutes to write and 5 minutes to Revise/Edit for each topic.

** Remember when revising/editing to use STAR – Substitute better words, Take out what is not needed, Add words, sentences, or punctuation, Rearrange your writing.