STEAM Week 4, TEAM Meeting, Science 7 & 8 and PE for Grade 3-8 Week 4

Posted: April 26, 2020

Hello Grade 7 and 8.

Please find this weeks STEAM project if you wish to give it a try. I know it will interest many of you.

Reminder to 7B to be sure to check out Mr. Bosma, Mrs. Hache and Mrs. Murphy's Teacher Pages for for Wellness, math and Language Arts activities for you to work on. 

Next week I will be attaching some science actiivities related to our units we started working on in February. Grade 8 yours will involve some interesting small experiments on Optics and Light that you can try at home if you choose to do so. If you are able or already have a laser pointer it will come in handy for many of the labs. I buy mine in the pet section at the Dollar Store in Douglastown. Also, if you have a hand or locker mirror this will also be useful.

Grade 7B - If you are able to find it, I would appreciate it if you can watch the movie Dante's Peak. Many of the outcomes for our unit on The Earth's Crust have been used in making this movie. It is a very good movie that you could watch with your family. I was able to find it on the internet to watch.

Also 7B, don't forget about our Class Team Meeting every Wednesday at 1:30. Please pass the word along to everyone. This is a way for us to do a check-in, have me discuss what you have been doing to keep busy and active and a chance, once I hang up, for you all to talk amongst yourselves.

PE activitiy for this week, if you so choose. I would like each of you to create a game. It could be a tag game or any other game that requires physical activity. It can be an individual or team game. I would like you to video your game with an explanation of the rules and a demonstration how to play. I would hope you would send them to me in an email and then I could post them to our TEAM for each of you to watch. If you are unable or do not want to video yourself or others playing your game, you could draw a diagram of your game and type the instructions and rules for playing. Remember this is a voluntary project but could be a lot of fun if you get your siblings or parents involved. 

Have a great week and we will "talk" on Wednesday.

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