Top Award Winners for 2017

Posted: June 22, 2017

Nelson Rural School held their annual awards ceremony on Thursday, June 22, 2017.  The following students were presented with the major awards of the year:

Michaela MacDonald Award presented to an elementary student recognized for their love of reading - Chloe Sullivan (front left)
Thomas Woods Award presented to a primary student recognized for their creativity - Rowyn Jardine (front right)
Back (left to right):
Exemplary Student (Davey O'Toole Bursary) presented to student(s) with highest academic standing in Grade 8 - William Woods & Jorja Hanley
Anna McCarthy Award presented to a student with high academic standing and school leadership - Jorja Hanley
Female Athlete of the Year - Lexa Wallace
Colleen Lynch Community Kindness Award presented to a student for their volunteerism and community activism - Emily Vickery
Joy Sullivan Award presented to a student with perseverance and deep concern for others - Skylar Watt
Male Athlete of the Year - Tyler Butler
Middle School Turn-Around Award presented to a middle school student who has displayed positive change - Tommy Coughlan
Principal's Award presented to student(s) who is dedicated to enhancing a positive school culture - Tanner Stewart