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Grade 7M:  Complete questions 4, 5, 7 in textbook on page 282-283.   Grade 8M:  Complete worksheet on "Measuring Line Segments" to determine side lengths.  We will go over the worksheet during Thursday's class.  
Grade 7M:  Students are to complete the "Mid Unit Review" page 278 of the textbook. The review will be picked up for marking tomorrow. Grade 8M:  Complete questions 9, 12, 15, 16, 19 on page 15/16 of the textbook.   Grade 8H:  Complete question 11 "Assessment Focus" on page 21 of the textbook.
Grade 7M:  Complete questions 1 to 6 page 273-274 of textbook.   Grade 8M:  Tests have been handed back on "Linear Equations and Graphing".  Students are to make corrections on the test, sign by parent and return to Mr. Henderson for Monday April 4th.

Posted: March 23, 2011

Grade 8H;  There will be a test on "Linear Equations and Graphing" unit 6 tomorrow Thursday March 24th.  Students should review the practice questions from the textbook and the review questions that were handed out today in class.
Grade 7M:  Students are to have their test signed on "Equations" and return next class.  Students are now beginning the unit titled "Data Analysis."   Grade 8M;  There will be a test on "Linear Equations and Graphing" this Thursday March 24th/11.  

Posted: March 18, 2011

Grade 8H:  Complete "Practice Test" page 374.  Practice test must be completed and handed in on Monday March 21st/11.   
Grade 7M:  Complete practice test questions on page 251 of the textbook.  There will be a test tomorrow on "Equations".   Grade 8M:  Complete questions 4,5,7,9 page 363-364 and unit review question 1 page 371.   Grade 8H:  Complete unit review questions 2,3,6,12,15,18,21,22 page 371-373.  There will be a practice test tomorrow.

Posted: March 16, 2011

Grade 8H:  Complete questions 5,7, 10,and 11 pages 363-364 and question 1 on "Unit Review" page 371 on linear equations and graphing. NOTE:  There will be a test on "Linear Equations and Graphing" early next week.
Grade 7M:  Complete questions 1 to 9 on "Unit Review" pages 248-249.  Note that there will be a test this Thursday on "Equations Unit". Grade 8M:  Complete questions 5,6,9 and 13 or 14 on pages 347-348.  Students will begin the "Unit Review" questions next class.   Grade 8H:  Finish "Unit Review" questions 1,2,3 page 350 and 4 to 7 on "Creating a Table of Values" page 356.  
Grade 7M:  Complete questions2,4,6,7,9,10 page 224-225.  Complete review sheets on "using Models To Solve Equations" and question 1 on page 234. Note:  Tests have been handed back on "Operations With Fractions".  Please correct, sign by parent, and return for Thursday March 3rd.   Grade 8M:  Students have started the next lesson on "Distributive Property".  Please read all examples on page 339,340, and 341 and answer questions 4 to 9 on page 342.