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Explanatory Report Description File explanatory_report_assignment_description.docx February 28, 2013
Book Recommendation/Review Explanation and Example File book_recommendation_explanation_and_example.docx February 12, 2013
Gr. 8 Memoire/Moment Assignment Description File grade_8_memoire_-moment_assignment_description_and_due_date.docx January 21, 2013
Social Action Project Description File social_action_project_description.docx December 20, 2012
Format for writing assignments File writing_format_for_typed_assignments.docx December 6, 2012
Title Page Template File title_page_template.docx December 5, 2012
Social Action Topic Selection File social_action_topic_selection.docx December 3, 2012
Argument Organizer File argument_organizer.docx November 26, 2012
Video/Photo Story Script File video_or_photo_story_script_template.docx October 11, 2012
Podcast Script File podcast_script__template.docx October 11, 2012
Story Board Template sheets - For video, photo story or drawings PDF icon storyboard_template.pdf May 30, 2012
Research Organizer - Websites File research_organizer_website.docx May 17, 2012
A response to your visit to NBCC Miramichi File real_world_skills_for_the_21st_century_part_2_a_response.docx May 8, 2012
What are the three best sites? Research Credibility File what_are_the_three_best_sites.docx May 6, 2012
Real World Skills for the 21st century: Your reflection File real_world_skills_for_the_21st_century.docx May 6, 2012
Hoax website or not? File is_this_a_hoax.docx April 27, 2012
One Pager Assignment Template File one-pager_template.docx March 23, 2012
Business Preparation Assignment File business_preparation_assignment.docx February 19, 2012
What to Think About - Market Research File what_to_consider_market_research.docx December 7, 2011
Your Business Idea File your_business_idea.docx December 7, 2011
Main Idea Map File main_ideas_map.docx October 31, 2011
Response to Refugee Camp in the Heart of the City File response_to_refugee_camp_in_the_heart_of_the_cityword.docx September 23, 2011
If we were refugees project list PDF icon if_we_were_refugees_project_list.pdf September 16, 2011
Research Information Sheet Microsoft Office document icon research_information_sheet.doc September 16, 2011