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Posted: January 21, 2020

On Friday, our K-5 students will be having an assembly with the Earth Rangers. "Earth Rangers is the kids’ conservation organization, committed to instilling environmental knowledge, positivity, and the confidence to take action in every child in Canada. They do this through a variety of free programming that children can participate in at school, at home, and in their communities. All of these programs are educational and engaging – but more importantly, they show children that it’s not too late to help the planet, and the things we do today will matter tomorrow."

If you would like to look at parent resources online with your child, I have attached both links in English and French.


Posted: January 20, 2020

Homework was sent home with students today

Monday: Gym and Music class

Tuesday:  Gym

Wednesday: Gym

Thursday:  Library (return books), Gym & music

Friday: Homework and reading books returned. Sight word quiz

-      Earth Rangers Assembly for K-5

*Reminder that Monday there is no school for students- Professional Learning Day for teachers

Posted: January 7, 2020

Welcome back everyone! 

I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas Break and are ready for 2020! 

Here is the homework for the week! 

Tuesday: First day back for students. Happy New Year!

Homework sent home for the week. We will be getting back to our usual routine.

-     Sound: Read the sound poem “R” and the sound words 1-2 times aloud. The Sound is on the teacher page. I have also sent a flipbook of their sounds they have done so far in their homework folders. Students will be adding a new sound every week. They can do the action and say the sound when practicing. This is great review for their sounds as well. The flipbooks are to be returned every Monday to add the new sound and to be returned to the class at the end of the school year.

-     Reading: Students are to read their new books 1-2 times aloud each night. Students will have books on food in their homework bag they can read as well as a New Year’s Resolution book for this week. Encourage them to look at the picture, follow along with their finger and read aloud. I will be sending sound books home as well so please send these back daily, as I will be giving them to different students.

Wednesday: Show and Tell: I know students are very eager to talk about Christmas, so tomorrow all students can bring in something they think is special to them they have received over the holiday.This item has to fit in their book bag as well and can not be technology incase it breaks at school. Students will be asked to describe their item and explain why it is special to them, so if you could please go over the item with them before they bring it to school, that would be appreciated.

Thursday:  Gym\Music class and Library


Friday: Weekly Home work is due back. New sight words will begin next week.




Posted: December 16, 2019

·        There is no homework this week as it is a very busy time before the holidays and there are many activities going on for students. The only thing I would like students to do, is read one of their French browsing books each night this week to work on their fluency and vocabulary. If you would like books sent home to read throughout the holiday break as well, please leave me a note in the agenda and I will send them on Friday. 


·        This week is SPIRIT week!  The theme days are below! Student participation is encouraged! We will also be collecting Food Bank Items. The class with the most donated will receive a point for Spirit Week.

Monday: Gym and Music class (Concert rehearsal)

Tuesday: Christmas Sweater/shirt Day

SKATING:We will be going skating from 9:25- 10:05. Parents and guardians are welcome to join us and help tie laces. A reminder that anyone on the ice is required to wear skates.

Students should be starting to bring in costumes for their animal videos as well

Wednesday: Dress up Day

Christmas Concert: The concert will begin at 9am in the gymnasium. (storm date is Thursday)

Thursday:  School Colours Day

Friday: PJ/Athletic Wear Day

Last day before the Christmas holidays. This is a full day for students. My students have won a class prize for working together and speaking French so I will be bringing cupcakes to celebrate. If your child cannot eat a cupcake, please let me know so I can get something else for them.

I want to take this time to wish all my students and their families a wonderful and restful holiday break. It has been a very busy first term, and students have worked very hard in grade one, learning a new language! I hope they enjoy this very well deserved break with their families!

Joyeux Noël et bonne année! 

Mme Hitchman

Posted: December 12, 2019

Skating- Our skating day has been re-scheduled for Tuesday, December 17th at the Civic Center, at 9:25-10:05 for our grade 1 class. Our class will be leaving the school at 9:00 and returning at 10:20.

Everyone is invited to come out and join their child at the rink. Just a reminder that boots are not allowed to be worn on the ice and all students must wear a helmet.

Posted: December 8, 2019

Here is our weekly schedule. The homework sheet is in your child's homework folder.

Also, a reminder that the weather is quite chilly outside. Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the winter weather.

Monday: Homework sent home, Gym and Music class

Sight word quiz signed and returned before Friday.

Tuesday: Gym 

-Giving tree items are due. Our class will be wrapping the purchased items in class on Monday. Thank you for your support with this initiative.

Wednesday: Christmas Dinner: (Any student who did not buy the dinner is asked to bring their lunch)

Christmas Shoppe: There will be a shoppe set up in the library on Wednesday. Students can bring money to shop for their family members. Items will cost between $1.00-$3.00


Thursday:  Library (All books are to be returned for the holidays, no books will be signed out), Gym & music

Friday: Field trip: The K-2 classes will be going to Losier Hall Senior's Home to sing Christmas Carols at 10:00am.

-Homework and reading books returned.  Sight word quiz

Have a wonderful week!
Joyeux Noël!

Mme Hitchman

Posted: December 5, 2019

Just a reminder to primary students that tomorrow is Pyjama day, so wear your comfy pyjamas!

Posted: December 2, 2019

Happy December! It is hard to believe that the holidays will soon be here! 

Here is our weekly schedule. The homework sheet is in your child's homework folder.

Monday: Homework sent home, Gym and Music class

Tuesday:  Skating (All Primary students will be skating in the morning, all parents or grandparents are invited to attend) - Gym 

Sight word quiz signed and returned before Friday.

Wednesday: Gym

Thursday:  Library (return books), Gym & music

Friday: PJ Day for students! Homework and reading books returned.  Sight word quiz
- Christmas Dinner money due today if students are ordering for Dec. 11th.


Have a great week!

Mme Hitchman

Posted: November 26, 2019

There will be Ice cream treats sold on Thursday for $1.00 during the cafeteria hours for any student who would like to purchase one. All proceeds will be going towards the Christmas dinner for the seniors. 

Thank you.

Homework was sent home in their homework folders today.

Sound Song is on the teacher page.

Monday: Homework sent home, Gym and Music class

-      Math quiz to be signed and returned to school

Tuesday:  New book sent home “Que fait un bon ami”

-      Gym

Wednesday: Gym

Thursday:  Library (return books), Gym & music

Friday: Homework and reading books returned.  

Show and Tell (One student will present, I will write in their agenda)

*Students will be going skating NEXT week. Please check the December calendar for the date and time.

They will need a helmet and skates. All parents/guardians are welcome to come! 

Posted: November 18, 2019

*Homework is listed in their home folders

Monday: Homework and survey memos sent home


  • Gym
  • Report Cards sent home and interview forms to fill out. If you are unable to attend parent/teacher between those times, please let me know and we can schedule another day the following week. If you do not feel the need to meet at this time, you can check off the box on the form and send it back. Thank you!


  • Gym
  • Return Survey forms


  • Library (return books), Gym & music
  • Show and Tell (One student will present, I will write in their agenda)
  • Parent/Teacher meetings
  • Homework and reading books returned. 


  • No school for students
  • Parent/teacher meetings in the AM

Posted: November 17, 2019

If you would like to order school clothing, the order forms are due back this Wednesday November 20th. You can check the school website for the coloured sheet, so you can see the logos and colours. An order form was sent home on Friday. Please check homework folders for this form. 

Thank you, 

Mme Hitchman

Posted: November 14, 2019

Just a friendly reminder to log your child's reading on the log sheet provided in their homework folder. 

Students can also print the title of the book themselves. 

-Mme Hitchman

Posted: November 13, 2019

The sound of the week song is on the teacher page as well and on youtube.

Monday: Remembrance Day (No school)

Tuesday:  Snow day (No school)

Wednesday: Homework sent home, Gym

Thursday:  National Jersey day: Students can wear their favorite sports jersey to school to show school spirit! Library (return books), Gym & music

Friday: Homework and reading books returned.  

Show and Tell (One student will present, I will write in their agenda)


Homework is in their homework folders. Students are reminded to read each night and work on their sight words. The baggie I sent home this week will be good for the remainder of the school year. Please ensure that students put all the letters back so they are able to create all of the sight words. 

Have a wonderful short week! 

Mme Hitchman

Posted: November 3, 2019

Homework sent home in homework folders:

Monday: Homework sent home, Gym & Music 

*Homework will be due back on Thursday as there is no school for students on Friday.

Tuesday: Gym

Wednesday: Gym

Thursday: Remembrance Day Assembly at 10am. All are welcome to attend.Students are asked to bring in a poppy donation if they can.

Show and Tell (One student will present, I will write in their agenda)

                  Gym & music

Friday: No School for students, PL day for teachers

Reminder that there is no school on Monday, as it is Remembrance Day. See you all on Tuesday

Have a wonderful week!

Mme Hitchman