Mrs. Dickson Documents


Title Documentsort descending Posted
Math Concepts for the Next Few Months - Parents this what you can work on at Home File math-_october_concepts_numbers_to_100.docx October 14, 2015
Christmas Traditions from Canada 2013 File christmas_traditions_in_canada_2013.docx December 20, 2013
Christmas Traditions from Texas File christmas_traditions_2013_texas.docx December 18, 2013
Thanksgiving Traditions from Canada 2013 Microsoft Office document icon thanksgiving_in_canada_2013.doc October 16, 2013
Introduction Letter From Our Friends in Texas File introduction_letter_from_texas_2013-2014.pptx October 8, 2013
Sharing All About Nelson With Our Texas Friends! File howdy_texas_2013_letter_of_intro.docx October 2, 2013
2011 Christmas Traditions from Texas! File christmas_traditons2011.docx December 16, 2011
Thanksgiving in Dallas Texas, USA File thanksgiving_traditions_-_copy1.docx December 1, 2011
Memo with Important Information for Nov 14-22 File skating_is_on_thursday_nov_17th.docx November 15, 2011
Nelson Rural students in Room 3D Send off their First Letter of Introduction to Dallas, Texas File letter_of_introduction_2011_grade_three.docx October 14, 2011
Nelson Rural Tells Texas all about their Canadian Thanksgiving Traditions File our_thanksgiving_traditions_in_canada__2011.docx October 14, 2011
Dallas Texas Tells All About their School File letter_of_introduction_from_texas_and_mrs._booth_2011.docx October 14, 2011
A Note to the Parents of Grade Three Dickson File dear_parents.docx September 7, 2011
Grade 2's Letter of Introduction to Texas from Canada File letter_of_introduction_to_texas_2010.docx October 9, 2010
Letter of Introduction from Texas File canada_intro._letter_2010.docx October 5, 2010
Letter From Dallas Texas PDF icon canada_welcome_letter_2017.pdf September 26, 2017
Homework April 6th PDF icon pe_bingo_week_one_april_6th.pdf April 6, 2020
May Moving with Purpose Calander PDF icon moving_with_purpose_calendar_may_1_added_to_week_5.pdf May 4, 2020
Golf Activity - N0 Clubs Necessary File golfpackathome.docx June 8, 2020