Grade 2 News January 21 - January 25

Posted: January 21, 2019


Hi Everyone!

I hope you had a good weekend and were able to stay warm during the storm! We will have lots more snow on the playground and we have been having some very cold temperatures as well, so please make sure that you are dressed for the weather.

Phys. Ed - Our Phys. Ed days this week are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Library - We have library on Tuesday, so make sure you bring your book back so you can sign out another one.

Homework/Borrow-A-Book - Our homework for the week is listed in the orange folders. The spelling words this week focus on the /ou/ /o/ and /oo/ vowel sounds that say /u/, like to, do and you and /y/ at the end of the word that says /i/ like try and my. The word work activty is on this as well. More work is still needed with blends, so there is an activity on this. In Math we are working on using startegies to help with adding and subtracting and solving word problems. Please make sure that you are reading each night and record your book on the log sheet. Use the strategies we have been working on to help solve unknown words.

Skating - Our next skating day will be on Tuesday January 29th with our buddies in Grade 3-4T. Students will need skates and a helmet to be on the ice. Also any parents, grandparents or helpers will need skates to be on the ice as well.

No School - Just a reminder that there is no school for students on Monday January 28th, as it is a PLD for teachers.

Have an awesome week!